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Working as Designed Mechanic Having Steampunker Dialogue


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So in one of my towns, I have the mechanic, steampunker, Goblin tinkerer, and Cyborg in the same area and when I talk to the mechanic she has the usual one about the Goblin Tinkerer but also the one that the steampunker says about the cyborg and when you talk to the steampunker they have usual happiness dialogue but also have a blank space beneath it that isn't usually there. I have attached some pictures below I hope this is known already but just in case I thought I would post here.



Quality Assurance
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The dialogue the Mechanic is using is not the Steampunker's dialogue. The "I feel like I understand the Cyborg" line is a Mechanic line.

As for Steampunker, it means she is too far away from the Cyborg to have her own line for him.
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