Meet the Dryad | Dungeon Defenders II

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  1. Gotheran

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    Liking the look of the Corrupt Dryad. Be cool to see a Crimson one too, infact I'd enjoy some tweaked npc gameplay to allow for npcs to live in corrupt/crimsoned zones, and to build worlds intentionally striving for 100% corrupt/crimson rather than 100% hallowed or Pure.
  2. updatedude

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    I dug the Onepunch-Man reference. Really dug the whole thing in general. Good job.
  3. zadum4ivii

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    Oh, thanks for your answer! DD2 really captured me so gonna play more to get the Dryad.
  4. FalconFury

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    Dryad from DD2 reminds me of Jak 2 and 3 the video game.[​IMG]
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  5. Fury

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    Oh man, I am so hyped up -- to experience the Terraria content, to start building things with it in mind...
    AND to unlock the Dryad in DD2. Great stuff!
  6. ManaUser

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    Too bad it's Steam-only, looks kind of fun.
  7. Proxy

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    +1 for the OPM Reference.
  8. Gexian

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    oh please give us some info... i need the patch Notes! entering to see if something is posted every 15 mins...

    :rslime: hipe meter max
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  9. InstaFiz

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    man, i need this game now :p
  10. Does anyone know what time its going to be coming out today? (Im from the UK so if someone knows the UK time for it that would be most helpful)
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