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Meet the Dryad | Dungeon Defenders II

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Safeman, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic

    Hello Terrarians!

    As many of you know, the upcoming cross over with Dungeon Defenders II will bring enemies, weapons, vanity, tower defense and more to Terraria! On the side of the cross over, Dungeon Defenders II players get an awesome new hero! Our beloved Dryad will continue her lifelong battle against the corruption in Etheria! Check out her defenses and abilities below and for a complete list of the content coming to Dungeon Defenders II, check out this announcement post on dungeondefenders.com. It has been a great experience to collaborate with the amazing Trendy team, and with less than a week before launch, we are super stoked to see the Dryad in action!



    The Dungeon Defenders II and Terraria 1.3.4 updates both launch November 15th. To learn more about Dungeon Defenders II, visit their Steam page. Let us know what you think about the upcoming cross over below. As always, thanks for your support! ​
  2. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Beyond awesome. Cannot wait.

    ....oh yeah...and I suppose that means we will have our own update full of goodies to share as well, eh? :cool:
  3. Elandrian

    Elandrian Skeletron Prime

    I wrote that trailer! Hope people enjoy it! :D
  4. Treesmasher

    Treesmasher Golem

    Good job! I may just get into Dungeon Defenders.
  5. Sigma90

    Sigma90 Brain of Cthulhu

    Dryad is the most overpowered NPC in Terraria. (She's capable of wide area of effect attacks targeting unlimited enemies and buffing allies. Plus she is one of the more useful NPCs, selling some important items.)

    Is she just as overpowered in DD II? Cause she looks like it! She can fly and transform now! :)

    (Note: Haven't played the game; that's just the feeling I got from the trailer.)
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  6. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I love seeing the Dryad, along with all her powers, in your world. The trailer is fantastic, really nice!
  7. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic

    Highly recommend. It is really fun!
  8. Joost8910

    Joost8910 Dungeon Spirit

    This looks cool! Makes me want to add a corrupted dryad boss in my mod sometime in the future.
    But of course, the update might add that already or something. We'll see.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2016
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  9. Xman101

    Xman101 Cultist

    So many Terraria things... it's beautiful. ;(

    Her animation in places seems a little off, though... only the top half of her body moves when she attacks with the sword when standing still.
  10. Elandrian

    Elandrian Skeletron Prime

    That was an animation choice that we made when we chose to remove root motion from combat. It was so she can continue casting/attacking while moving in any direction.
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  11. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    I know a certain dev team what will very likely be playing it after hours next week. ;)
  12. Kojiro_S

    Kojiro_S Spazmatism

    Critical hit to my hype sensors!
    Mayday, MAYDAY!
  13. KinoCornell

    KinoCornell Official Terrarian

    The Dryad just became even more of a badass now that we know she does Saitama's workout routine.
  14. Samaldafadra

    Samaldafadra Terrarian

    What di I think about the upcomming update ? Really ?! A-MA-ZING !
    Epicness in a nutshell :3
  15. Sonnette

    Sonnette Retinazer

    Hey, that's pretty good.

    Never played DD before, but I might have to.

    Good development team to work with, based on what I've seen.
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  16. PhoenixMaster

    PhoenixMaster Steampunker

    Looks amazing! :dryadsmile: And did I see an iPWR of 1.3.4? :dryadwink:
  17. Derpinator-9000

    Derpinator-9000 The Destroyer

    This looks awesome! Can't wait!
  18. MasterworkStone

    MasterworkStone Skeletron Prime

    She looks like a lot of fun, I can't wait to see what the crossover has in store for Terraria too.
  19. PaperLaur

    PaperLaur Spazmatism

    Oh man, this looks awesome! (And is the most info we've ever gotten on an NPC xD).

    I started playing DDII upon the announcement, so I'm saving up medals to hopefully get her. I do wonder about the whole Corrupted form, though, and what the limits on that will be--like, there has to be something keeping a player from staying in that form ALL the time, because it sounds like basically one-winged angel mode. Maybe there's a meter, or it has something to do with ability points/whatever the blue meter is called? (I mean, I can find several reasons it'd be impractical in-universe, but I'm wondering how the mechanic will be implemented.)

    Also I love all the nods to Terraria in her attacks--from the blessing to the Purification Powder/Vile Mushrooms and the Angry Nimbus! And wow, the Harpies are actually people! Blame my lack of vision but I always thought they were just super angry birds. So the Dryad's friends with those hellions, huh? She's gotta tell 'em to get offa my cloud >.<

    Anyway, super excited for this, it looks like the TE team did a great job including the spirit of the game in there, and I'm looking forward to hearing what Terraria's going to take from this!

    (And this is just me but I see prime fanfiction material here.)
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  20. Gexian

    Gexian Spazmatism

    - the dryad does the saitama routine... one puch dryad
    -at 3:51 u can see a umbrella slime at the dryad foots
    - the title of the dryad in the card is " The terrarian" jus like the first tittle in this forum.
    - the dryad sword in the video is the blade of grass(?)
    - purification power, corruption power, vile mushroom
    - stars falling and replenishg dryad mana

    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 11, 2016, Original Post Date: Nov 11, 2016 ---
    sugestion: make it so if the world become over X% corrupted the evil dryad will atack. (the idea is , the world become almost ful corrpted, his guardian will become corrupted too)
    but u will have to make a crimson dryad too . good luck!
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2016
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