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So basically I have no idea on what to do for my next youtube video and i need help on which one i should do next so yeah here's the youtube link:
Hi @Hansel_B_lol1 welcome to the forums. I moved your post into this exiting thread.

Your post by itself isn’t suitable as an entire thread discussion. However, you can use your profile as a spot to ask what to do next on your channel. Your profile is here: Hansel_B_lol1
Please post any and all random/non-Terrarian YouTube channels here rather than creating your own thread to share/advertise them and/or doing so in other random threads.

Threads created or posts made elsewhere to advertise YouTube channels are subject to removal and account action.

Terraria-related videos (Let's Play, Reviews, etc) should be posted in the appropriate section of the Terraria Videos Section

Can we advertise our channels on our profile pages??
Yo, fellow forum dwellers! 📺 Found this hilarious YouTube channel called "ComedyCraze" that's all about sketch comedy and meme reviews. Had me in stitches, you might dig it too! Remember, let's respect the rules and keep the thread fun and legit. 😄🎥
Not meaning to be hurtfull to you but this kinda sounds like a bot
Hi there.
Would you like to sign my petition?

Please select one:
[__] make Pirate Invasion post mechanical bosses.
[__] make Pirate Invasion skippable by closing the game.
[__] make Pirate Invasion fast-forward-able with a Bed.
[__] blocking teleporters mid event was a mistake.
[__] skill issue.

The reason behind this petition is documented in this video made by Yours Truly.
Here is my YouTube channel:

As you can see, I dedicate myself to making videos around vanilla and modded spears. That's my specialty.
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