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So basically I have no idea on what to do for my next youtube video and i need help on which one i should do next so yeah here's the youtube link:
Hi @Hansel_B_lol1 welcome to the forums. I moved your post into this exiting thread.

Your post by itself isn’t suitable as an entire thread discussion. However, you can use your profile as a spot to ask what to do next on your channel. Your profile is here: Hansel_B_lol1


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Please post any and all random/non-Terrarian YouTube channels here rather than creating your own thread to share/advertise them and/or doing so in other random threads.

Threads created or posts made elsewhere to advertise YouTube channels are subject to removal and account action.

Terraria-related videos (Let's Play, Reviews, etc) should be posted in the appropriate section of the Terraria Videos Section

Can we advertise our channels on our profile pages??
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