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So I have a really really small youtube channel (i have 2 vids as I'm writing this lol)
I am posting destiny content, more specifically destiny cheese spots for strikes etc. so if you play destiny and are interested I would very much like it if you check my channel out.

I will also post stuff from other games like halo mcc, dying light etc etc.

Also tell me if you want me to try and find a cheese spot for any part in destiny because I am one of those people who always ends up finding a way out of the map anywhere ;P
(Link to channel:

K thx bai


Spazmatism i never upload because i just can't have a good time doing gaming. Guess i should upload something else

EDIT: Enjoy my [at some points prepubescent] voice. It's been called annoying many times :naughty:


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My Channel

Haven't uploaded a lot of videos very much recently because of real life responsibilities, but I occasionally upload videos from PC games that I play. They will mostly be boss battles from various games, but I might do some playthroughs at some point. There are some Terraria boss battles as well.

I only recently started doing this because I was able to find a great free open source computer game recording program called OBS. Otherwise I would've made some videos awhile ago.


My YouTube Channel: Jonoody

I'm uploading one video at least every second day. Mostly it's something like:
  • Gaming (especially games like GTA V, and since the 1.3 is out: TERRARIA!)
  • Vlogs (every weekend, where I just talk about things which got stuck in my mind ^^)
  • Sensless and stupid stuff (like.. random stuff... u know?)
  • Readings (not that much, also not really active atm)
I don't want scream for subs over here, but it would be cool if you could give my channel a little look and maybe show me if you like it! :D



Here is my terrible YouTube channel:
Only three subscribers, one of which is someone I know, and the only videos on there is a Terraria boss rush world, which is split into three videos, and the other 4 are SMBX videos. All of my videos were recorded using an unpaid-for Bandicam, and have terrible sound, which can be explained by the fact that I was using headphones.
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