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Member YouTube Channels Thread


I hope to get some Terraria related content up in the future (I did a span of recording at about three in the morning when I was upset as a distraction, it started with me casually drowning without even noticing, and somewhere in there I was commentating for a minute while attempting to play the fluffy bunny game with a lotion tissue), but for now I have a startup Let's Play channel that's still trying to find a niche.
(can't get a custom URL until I hit 100 subs, booooo >.>)
I also hope to start up a channel for music and covers soon.
I'll check all you guys out as soon as I can ^_^


My friend is a really funny multitalented, he makes gaming videos please go check out his content and if you like it please subscribe to him,


Hey all! Blue here! I've got a YouTube channel which I put let's plays on. If you enjoyed my commentary back when Red and I played terraria, then you should deffinetely check out my channel. No Terraria let's play yet, but may do so down the line some. Currently playing FTL, Half-life 2 Deathmatch and Diablo.

I try and do one to two vids a day on weekdays. So there's plenty to watch!


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