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Helivy Star

Uh... what? The Varia Suit comes first, not the Gravity Suit.
It was bad there, just now I saw that I had a second Metroid mod installed with this badly made armor. Even the Missile Launcher was from this mod and I didn't notice.

I already took the mod and I'm just using this one now, but about the Spider Ball not working it keeps haunting me.
I always thought Terraria had the perfect engine to make an insane ridley fight, and this mod has extreme potential to have one of those. Its starting to be my absolute favotite mod. Oh wait it already is. Im just waiting for things to be more Multiplayer compatible so my friends can find missile expansions for me haha. Keep up this amazing work.


Skeletron Prime
It's been so long since i've checked or even thought of this incredible mod
Huge shoutout to the youtube algorithm recommending Ryuusei's video covering this mod
After I get out of work tomorrow I'm going to ultra degen and thoroughly enjoy playing it
It's always been a massive fantasy to see a multitude of abilities, game elements, enemies, and bosses throughout the series all collect into one place
Extremely hyped
Thank you


I have been really enjoying this mod, but I had an idea that I wanted to share.
I thought it would be really cool if you implemented more adventure into the progression, specifically though alternate worlds (pinkies mod).

These alternate worlds would be accessed though a buildable Samus ship. Each world could different upgrades an boss fights to progress in the hunter class.

Here's an example...
An ocean planet, which you go to at first to fight Serris, but later when you have the gravity suit you come back to going to a sunken ship to fight phantoon. These dungeons would use the adventure map blocks that you guys were working on before, and just create more of a sense of exploration.

This is just idea but I wanted to share it. Thanks for making such an amazing mod!
I recently got to hard mode in this mod, though I can't seem to find the plasma beam anywhere and can't seem to find any guides to crafting it. Is it a hardmode only beam?


Am I the only one feeling the Phantoon fight is a bit too spicy for that point in the game ?

its not Impossible but if it could be nudged a little lower on the damage output it'd be nice
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