Weapons & Equip Minecart Tether and Riding Gear - Equalizing Accessories and Mounts

What do you think we should do about this?

  • Add all of the suggested accessories to balance out attacking while mounted.

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  • Only add the Riding Gear. Attacking on Mounts is OP, but Minecarts should be left alone.

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  • Give Wings their own dedicated slot to free up Accessory space to make them equal to mounts.

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  • Leave it as is. I don't see any compelling reason to change anything.

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I love attacking on mounts. It's extraordinarily fun. I have a problem though; they can rival the use of Wings as early as in pre-Hardmode, and they can greatly multiply the effectiveness of jump-enhancing accessories such as the Blizzard in a Bottle, both without using so much as an accessory slot. Assuming this is a problem,

The best solution for this is simple: Mounts and Minecarts should have their ability to support attacking dependent on an Accessory.

Minecart Tether
Allows you to use items while riding in a Minecart without ejecting.
Here are a few possibilities for how it can be acquired:
<-- The rusty Minecart thing I was referring to.

And for Mounts:

Riding Gear
Allows you to use items while riding a mount without dismounting.
This could sometimes be sold by the Traveling Merchant when the player has a Mount item equipped.

Once you have both, you can combine them into one amazing piece of awesome.

Safety Gear
Allows you to use items while riding in Minecarts and on mounts without ejecting or dismounting.
Minecart Tether
Riding Gear
* Crafted at a Tinkerer's Workshop.

There is, however, an alternative: Give Wings their own dedicated equipment slot separate from other Accessories. This would make Mounts and Wings equal since both would offer the same clutter-free mobility. This solution isn't as comprehensive, but it would work well enough.

So do you think this is a problem? Remember to cast your vote in the poll! Feedback is appreciated!
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Updated this thread to acknowledge the potential overpoweredness of freely being able to attack while on Mounts.

What do you think guys about this issue?
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