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Minimum requirements for expert Plantera facetank.


Skeletron Prime
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I have noticed that some players found expert Plantera so hard that they would rather grind for things like fire gauntlet and turtle armor to successfully facetank it with a fetid bagnakhs. While it’s true that Plantera is very hard, some testings still show that these hard-to-get gear pieces are overkill.
These testings also give us the optimal, minimal-grind setup that could successfully tank expert Plantera at 400 hp.
Note that it’s ‘successfully tank’ not ‘consistently tank’, and it is still possible to die against Plantera with this setup, though this only happens 15% of the time.
Armor:hallowed armor(melee) provides a massive attack speed boost while still allowing for a fair amount of defense and damage boost, note that it hard-trumps both turtle and Chlorophyte armor due to this attack speed boost.
modifier:some people think only light and legendary works. In reality, deadly, quick and agile also works, though the latter two might need damage boosts from an extra accessory.
However, legendary grants guaranteed victories even when used with this setup, as long as the player doesn’t mess up too much.

Accessories: the main grind with Plantera tanking, most players think they need all 5 free slots filled with melee damage/attack speed boosters.
In reality all that’s needed is a cross necklace(not star veil) mechanical gauntlet (fire gauntlet actually provides worse damage and attack speed boosts) and an avenger emblem, with 2 of the equipped accessories being violent (Just reforge a shackle and a yo-yo string).

potions:only four is needed.
Ale,food,flask of ichor and ironskin potion.
Ale boosts melee speed and damage, flask of ichor provides a free damage boost, food provides defense, melee speed and damage, ironskin potion is self-explanatory.

During the fight, remember to grapple onto a block/platform to avoid getting knocked out of Plantera.

And that’s it!
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Skeletron Prime
There are 2 reasons for titanium being rejected.
1.sure, you can live for about 25% longer, but lose 30% damage as a trade-off unless you pack 2-3 melee speed boosting accessories.
This means you’re effectively dealing 12.5% less total damage.
2.titanium armor takes a bit of grinding to get, while hallowed just need you to grind destroyer 2-3 times, which is very easy with fetid bagnakhs.
Besides, pretty much everyone have a set of hallowed armor.
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