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Mobile Mobile exclusive prefixes?

Have you, in Mobile Terraria, found a weapon with the 'piercing' prefix?

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I have been playing Terraria Mobile a lot recently and found a 'Piercing' Beam Sword as a drop. The prefix boasts an additional 10% crit chance but only an additional 10% dmg increase. I could not find it on both Terraria wikis and was wondering if anybody else has encountered the above mentioned prefix or found other prefixes not mentioned on the wiki.

On a Flairon as well.


Unit One

Staff member
Very interesting. Yes, I can also reforge to the modifier of Piercing. I'm not sure I ever noticed it before and I don't see any mention of any modifier that can increase critical strike by 10% along with a 10% increase to damage.

I reforged this Trident over and over to see if I could get another modifier that was unusual, but nothing else came up.



Dungeon Spirit
Hmm never realized that one.. o.o
[doublepost=1471188916,1471188746][/doublepost]Also, dude theres a way to screenshot your screen you know. If you have a solid home button its "home" and "screen lock" if your "home" is on screen it's "volume down" and "screenlock"
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