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Most Annoying Item/Mob?


Item: Bomb & Recall Potion
Mob: Chaos Elemental, Truffle Worm (It flees and die...) & Prismatic Lacewing (when it appear suddenly.)


Skeletron Prime
Item: Terraspark boots. Every part of it past the Lightning boots is more useful as vanity than an actual item.
Enemy: King Slime. I'm trying to build a beach house. Your spawns are not appreciated.


The Destroyer
Item: Dirt and Stone
Can't they leave me alone? I just wanna mine!
Mobs: All types of bats, every enemy that spawns in the underworld, and every single pillar enemy that doesn't come from the Stardust Pillar.
Most hated Mobs: Cave bat, fire imp, and Corites


Skeletron Prime
Item: Cobwebs. They fill up my inventory too much and make me suffer in spider caves, although they do have some uses.

Mob: Ghosts, basically just a pre-hardmode wraith. Especially early on, they can be a massive pain.


Skeletron Prime
Item: Unicorn on a stick

Enemy: Giant Fungi Bulb - they always seem to spawn in an awkward place just offscreen where I'm doing building work. The spores are a pain in the :red:.


I don't know if I would have an item that I consider annoying, since even annoying "objects" and blocks have neutral utility at worst once dislodged and moved into your inventory. I could consider clutter as agitating though. Lesser Healing Potions and enemy vanity drops become particularly obnoxious even not that long into pre-Hardmode.

Most annoying enemy is Tomb Crawler, no competition. It's far too common for how difficult of an enemy it is to handle, especially with its Worm AI being even more hellish to deal with in a confined deathtrap of a biome. I wish Relogic had reduced its spawnrate immensely in a previous update or something.
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