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Most Annoying Item/Mob?


Skeletron Prime
Anything that shoots projectiles through walls. I hate exploring the caves and getting *slightly* close to a mushroom biome, and being greeted by ghost spores of death.


Item: nature's gifts (you can spend a long time looking for one pre-hardmode, but in hardmode jungle i always seem to get several of them filling slots in the inventory after several minutes of mining). Also ebonsand/crimsand.
Mob: moss hornets. Probably the worst designed/most boring enemy in the entire game. They look ugly, their AI is boring (usual hornet, but more "aggressive") and they are very annoying in general.


Skeletron Prime
Item: Brass Shelf, I don't know how, but they always tend to sneak in my inventory after every dungeon raid. And they look reeeaaally ugly.
Mob: Gastropods and Harpies.


Skeletron Prime
Item: Gel, usually the first item making my inventory unorganized.
Mob: Those damn Necromancers, especially MK 2.


For Item.. I'll have to say.. Daybloom Seeds. Especially when you're cutting the grass that just WON'T STOP GROWING outside my house.

As for the mob, I'll have to give that to the Demon Eyes. They just don't know when to quit. Especially when I'm farming Zombies in the night (I haven't gotten round to making a mob farm yet, I just tend to stand in my doorway swinging my sword like a crazy person when all of a sudden BAM! a Demon Eye smacks you and kocks you back a bit and you have to deal with like twelve zombies in your house. Bit of a pain.. Especially early on in the game)


Item: The axe, whoopie cusion
Why the axe, because it make sound like eltric guitars(I like using this item)
Mobs: slime, they always appeared
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Skeletron Prime
Anything that shoots projectiles through walls. I hate exploring the caves and getting *slightly* close to a mushroom biome, and being greeted by ghost spores of death.
Completely agree i struggled massively with those once first entering hard mode, I find them more annoying then the bosses as they still due massive amounts of damage per hit


Item: Feather
My homebase is a floating island just several blocks below the space stratum, and whenever I go just a little bit upwards, I always got a harem of harpies chasing me around.
Mob: Voodoo Demon
Not because of the mob in general, but its rarity; I spent 5 in-game weeks just to get 2 GVDs. It's that rare, at least for me.


Skeletron Prime
Warning : 1.3 spoilers
Item : celebration
anything , but that ?
Mob : c... rr... craw... CRAWLTIPEDES and alien queen and star cell and nebula floater


Empress of Light
Item is definitely Depth Meter, I have too many of those, and I really hate getting them.
Mob has to be a close tie between the Red Devils and Giant Tortoises.


Staff member
From my experience,

Item: Blinkroot. Because of how it fills my inventory frequently when I'm trying to make space.

Mob: Hellbats, always swarming you while you build your hellbridge.


Item: Mushrooms In Hardmode *Its Super Clogging"
Mob(s): Herpling
Why? Take A blood zombie give its health and damage an extremely large buff and increase its speed by about 50 MPH

Why? Just turn down the spawn rate NOW!!!!!


Eye of Cthulhu
Most annoying item is easily the Treasure Magnet. This thing that barely has a role as a convenience being twice as likely to appear as any loot you’d actually use in a Hell chest. I’ve gotten as many as eight in one world. There’s a lot of other useless filler items that can replace good loot, but Treasure Magnet takes the cake.

Most annoying enemy is hard. There’s a lot of enemies that are unfair like Necromancer or Corite, but if I had to choose one enemy that is the most consistently irritating, it’s Lava Slimes. I hate whoever came up with making them drop lava in Expert Mode, and grief your campfires, drown NPS, and halt building.
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Eater of Worlds
Item: Cursed Stuffing, okay they are useful, but they are common enough to be a huge clogger of inventory space.

Enemy: Spectral Elemental, pls stahp spawning instead of chaos bois for 5 minuts i just want rod. Paladins, casually trekking through the dungeon and then slaughtered by rapid fire hammers.
The mushroom vanity set. It’s not worth anything, I don’t like how it looks, and it feels like it’s everywhere. I’ve been playing a lot of FTW which has bigger/more mushroom biomes and it shows up a lot.

As far as enemies, I’ll go with the easy answer of Wyverns. Nothings as annoying as having Wyverns show up out of nowhere during boss fights.
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