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Most Annoying Item/Mob?


Duke Fishron
What do you think is the most annoying item/mob? For me, it would be:

Item: Staff Of The Regrowth, Compass, Ruin Wizard Vanity Items

Mob: Pixies, Gastropods, Headless Horsemens
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Item: When I find it, I'll let you know. lol

Mob: Fire Imp, because it's projectiles like to go through walls and it attacks me in pre-HM when I'm trying to dig for Hellstone.


Staff member
Item: Obsidian Rose.

Mob: Snow Flinx.

Both are fairly self explanatory.

Erienna Nakagai

Item: Dirt Wand (especially on console)
Mob: Gastropod (when you have your house in the hallow during a blood moon, it's not fun)
OR Skeletron Prime (can't tell you how many times he's glitched out on console by despawning when someone's still alive)

⚡️Zealous Zombie⚡️

Headless Horseman

When you are waiting for them to come, to craft your first wings : you will only get harpies.

But when you start mining/building at the sky layer, one of them instantly spawns.


The suspicious looking apple on mobile, who drops everytime i kill a worm enemy...
And then they just keep on spawning one after the other...


Item : Seeds

PreHardmode : Bats cause i usually never find the damn "lucky" horseshoe and they keep pushing me off everything

Harmode: Everything

Sir Noah

I can't think of an item but my mob is the ragged caster I have a teleport trap that burns them in my man made vaclono that I built for them


Item: Spooky Twig. Too much farming. Not enough wiki-ing
Mob: Bunny Slime. NOT THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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