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Most Annoying Item/Mob?


Duke Fishron
3 most annoying mobs:
1)fire imps. Cuz casters that burn you. Ow.
3) corruptors in mobile, they can still spread corruption :p


Empress of Light
I was joking, btw. My least favourite/most annoying is actually the fire imp. it's just loads of people complained about the tortoises.


surprised, no one's posted Dungeon Guardian yet.

That's close enough, also I totally agree with everything you said

Philosopher Stone + Band of Regen = Charm of Myths = Best Regen accessory ever. Are you kidding?

Worst Item: Ash. Completely pointless. It should be a Extractinator reagent or something.

Worst Enemy: Herpling. The thing that I hate about them is their knockback resistance. Please remove their knockback resistance.


Items: Any potion ingredient plant (death weed, daybloom, shiver thorn, etc) or any crap that sucks 10 slots ofup inventory space like dirt or gel

Mobs: flying fish (it rains A LOT on my world and they always get in my way when I'm trying to do something, and stupid slimes that drop gel and fill up my inventory with gel, and always get in my way
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