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Switch My dye and vanity stopped working


When I picked a a character, I noticed something odd. Some of my characters were completely naked. When I picked them and went into a world, I realized it was whatever dye I had on affecting everything else. I could wear vanity without dye, but if I wear it with dye my character loses all of their clothing (even armor and accessories). If I equip just the dye, I can lose my hair and become bald also. This bug is very bizarre but it’s a problem for me because I want to use vanity with dye. Again, dye is the big problem here with me.


im wondering if many people have this problem? this is the only place ive seen it mentioned and i rlly hope this gets enough attention to be fixed soon


Official Terrarian
I’m having this same issue but with only with 4 of my characters

Some of my dyes are actually just being straight up weird, grim dye is going behind instead of going up


Hi! I am also having this same issue I noticed this on the character screen and my characters were naked and bald, this has also happened with some dyes I’ve never equipped it seems to be random after the ones I was wearing already.



Thanks for sharing everyone. This dye bug is something that is known.
Thanks ! I feel much better knowing a resolve is on the way ! For now I’ll just stack up all my dyes and play with them later, in the meantime time to kill some bosses !!!!
I personally hate this glitch I can't use it on my two characters but it was funny riding on the air and jumping at the speed of sound on nothing I will not miss naked people I never will but thank you I am happy knowing I'm not the only one and it will be resolved
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