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    title lovable pix.png By @iDuck
    I hope you enjoy my sprites! i will be updating this thread whenever i have a new sprite to post. Now! i May OR May not do your requests if i feel they are to hard. And a big thanks to Paint.net for the transparency and MS Paint(i use ms paint to sprite, then i use paint.net for transparency)

    Request's Now open again!

    Green star=Done
    Green star.png
    Red star=Not done
    Red star.png
    Green star.png @TheBlueness_147 Venom war hammer
    Green star.png @Pixel Hedgehog boss
    Green star.png @Axios A great sword
    Green star.png @TheQuietBisharp Pokemon and a dusk ball
    Green star.png Double Sword
    Green star.png @DerpoTheMagnificent Magma armor set[
    Green star.png @Zygomorph Venom armor set
    Green star.png @Thebeatbat1139 Tornado monster SPOILER]

    I hope you like these
    and here they are

    Centar Madpng.png Fairy.png
    Dirt.png Grass.png Mushroom.png Tree (New).png Tree.png Zirconium Chest.png Zirconium Anvil.png
    Zirconium Spectral staff.png Zirconium_Hand_Gun_Re-sprite.png Zirconium_Bow_Re-sprite.png Zirconium Sword.png Zirconium War Hammer.png
    Tattered Fairy Wing.png
    Fairy Wond.png Bag O, Gold.png Children's Spear.png
    Armor Female and Male.png True Zirconium Armor.png

    Zirconium Sword.png Zirconium War Hammer.png Lazor Beam sword.png Poisen War hammer.png The nights fear.png DoubleTrouble.png

    Zirconium_Hand_Gun_Re-sprite.png Zirconium_Bow_Re-sprite.png Dread Shark Re-Sprite.png

    Zirconium Spectral staff.png FireBall Book.png Iron mage wand.png

    Children's Spear.png Baby Centar.png Yeti staff.png Yeti staff (summon).png

    Armor Female and Male.png True Zirconium Armor.png Lighting armor.png Axios Dev armor.png Terraria_lovers dev armor.png Zirconium Archer armor.png Berb Costume.png I was bored.png Venom Armor.png Magma suit.png

    Mech Arm.png Mech Arm2.png Zirconium Shield.png Zirconium Shield on player.png

    Skeletrons Kid.png The Ice Npcs.png

    Centar Nice.png Centar Madpng.png Fairy.png Yeti.png Tornado monster.png

    Giant yeti boss.png Hedgehog Boss.png Hedgehog Boss(Mech).png

    Wings.png Bag O, Gold.png Fairy Wond.png Tattered Fairy Wing.png

    Dusk Ball.png

    Baby Centar.png Pokemon.png

    Wanna support me? use this banner by @iDuck
    lovable pix.png

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  2. rhebok

    rhebok Golem

    Making threads much? Haha, nice sprites tho. The Centaur got swag, just saiyan.
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  3. -=+Seth+=-

    -=+Seth+=- Skeletron Prime

    Yeah i keep needing to make new threads
  4. The Blueness

    The Blueness Spazmatism

    Could I request a Venom Warhammer? I know you are very busy but I would appreciate it! :) I have tried my self but it just turns out badly. Thank you very much!
  5. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    wow, i use pretty much the exact same method of spriting.
  6. -=+Seth+=-

    -=+Seth+=- Skeletron Prime

    Really? thats awesome!

    And i will try
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  7. The Blueness

    The Blueness Spazmatism

  8. Youfad

    Youfad Skeletron Prime

    Can your sprite for me an epic wyvern? :D
  9. -=+Seth+=-

    -=+Seth+=- Skeletron Prime

    Hehe i don't think i could do that. As i said (Quote)" Now! i May OR May not do your requests if i feel they are to hard"(End Quote)
  10. Youfad

    Youfad Skeletron Prime

    Ohhh, well how about this! Chipi Terraria Avatar.png
  11. -=+Seth+=-

    -=+Seth+=- Skeletron Prime

  12. -=+Seth+=-

    -=+Seth+=- Skeletron Prime

    Here you go (guess i'm not that busy after all Terraria_Lover_Face5.png )
    Poisen War hammer.png
  13. The Blueness

    The Blueness Spazmatism

    Thank you so much!!! Do you mind if I use this for a mod. I will give you credit.
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  14. -=+Seth+=-

    -=+Seth+=- Skeletron Prime

    No prob
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 9, 2015 ---
    So terraria style?
  15. Youfad

    Youfad Skeletron Prime

    You can do whatever you want!
  16. -=+Seth+=-

    -=+Seth+=- Skeletron Prime

    You can just make that outfit
    1x new hair from hair girl
    1x winter coat( dyed black and white)
    1x eskimo coat(dyed blue)
    1x hand wormers(dyed black)
    1x white pants
    1x black shoes
    1x sunglasses

    (So i don't think i'll do that request)
  17. Pixel

    Pixel Terrarian

    I'd like to request some sort of large hedgehog boss, with perhaps an additional mech form and, if you're extra kind, a sword drop from said boss.
  18. -=+Seth+=-

    -=+Seth+=- Skeletron Prime

    I'm not that good at bosses but i could try
  19. Pixel

    Pixel Terrarian

    If it doesn't go well, you could always attempt just a basic hedgehog
  20. -=+Seth+=-

    -=+Seth+=- Skeletron Prime

    Don't expect anything good Terraria_Lover_Face5.png
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 9, 2015 ---
    And do you wan't a sonic the hedgehog thing? or just a giant hedge hog?