My way to farm Queen Bee (and some other bosses): Normal/Expert


Empress of Light
Hello. I don't know if people know about this tactic, but I wanted to tell about one. It's useful for Queen Bee and some other pre-hardmode bosses (Eye Of Cthulhu or Skeletron). Anyway...

Normal Mode Queen Bee is easy, but it can be a bit hard for new players in Expert Mode mostly due to its fast attacks and ability to poison enemies. Here's a small, easy tactic to defeat it.

So first, you'd need some stuff to prepare yourself:

- More than 200 HP. 300 and higher should be fine.
- About 2-3 Healing Potions just in case (per battle).
- A bee hive or Abeemination.
- A Slimy Saddle (drops from King Slime).
- Some solid blocks (dirt or stone is more than enough).
- Cloud in a Bottle or something to avoid fall damage (optional, but helpful).

Terrain preparation: everything you need is a ceiling above you. It could be about 20-25 blocks above you. If it's not enough, make it a little higher. I think it should be enough so Queen Bee would stay slightly under it. The rest isn't needed. Just get some solid ground under you and some free space (I suggest jungle surface for this).

Battle: When you summon QB, it will charge you a few times, then it will float about you shooting stingers that poison you. Turn your slime mount on and jump on her when she's under the platform. When she gets higher, you'll stomp her more frequently, which can even end with dealing massive damage to her when she gets extremely close. Just keep in mind that she can STILL hurt you, so always bring a health potion or two to avoid death or fatal damage (especially in Expert Mode). Repeat the cycle a few times and you can defeat her this way in like 30 seconds. Easy? I guess yes.

You can also get something to increase regeneration, because it depends sometimes. You can get lucky and barely get any damage. Sometimes you can get much higher damage, so it's sometimes good to jump off of it when your health isn't the best. Still, I think it's better than getting poisoned by these stingers.

I used this way for QB, but it also works on EoC (1st stage only in Expert) and Skeletron, but it's harder because of their different pattern. Anyway, that's a simple way that can give pretty high DPS. I bet some people know about this, but I think it's not a bad thing to share it. Also, QB drops some useful stuff for latter bosses and enemies, like The Bee's Knees or Beenades. Happy farming!
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