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tAPI Necropolis Mod

Joe Dolca

Empress of Light
Are there anymore bosses after the aliens
The final boss is getting an alien left brain. It's a challenge that really tests your mettle, skill, temper and--- PFFFFTT HAHA. Sorry, couldn't keep a straight face. Nah there's nothing after aliens so far, and getting that left brain is rng hell. Hope you were born lucky son!

I wasn't. I've made at least 70 spawners so far, still no brain.

Thee Pie Man

Official Terrarian
I don't know if anyone reported this yet. But at the very least the Masculine Angel Banner doesn't drop the banner when it breaks- not sure about the other banners from your mod. I was playing the game and put it down just to see what it looked like, went to break it to put it in my inventory and it just turned to shards of nothing :C!


Why isn't any mob that drops demon blood not dropping a single bit of it? I can't do anything without demon blood, I find new ores and mobs, but the ones I find like a mole scout and rotten mole, they don't drop any demon blood like they are supposed to. I have no other mods with this one. It's just not dropping any demon blood.

It was said many times, there is no demon blood in this mod. Instead you have to find a new ore, that spawns in the word after defeating certain boss.
Maxmordre seems very OP. Perhaps it could do 80 ish damage + the ammount of damage the user takes?
EX: Hits a slime for 105 damage because the weapon did 80 and the user took 25.


Why The Manganese doesn't have a craft !?


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