Xbox One Need friends to play with?


Gamertag is VERGATHOS

I really just want worlds I can derp about in, or just to help people out.

I play at and in random intervals.

Doughnut Minion

Hi. My gamertag is Doughnut Minion. What do I want? I just want a group of people to play with. I'm interested in going hardcore but I am kind of a noob with my lack of experience so if your ok with ordering me around and giving me tips that'd be cool. I play at random times during the day, nothing specific.
Hi my GT is AxBlackxPriest and I'm looking for a friend who is okay at the game that is interested in doing a whole new world and character to just do a play through or even just try and attempt a completionist attitude. basically, i need someone who just wants to play, have fun, build, and explore!
My gamer tag is sanicfast45 and I like to play at any time since I didn't cloud save my character on my 360 I only have pre-hardmode character feel free to request me :brain: recent boss defeated

No wants really... I need help getting the crimson key mould...

I'm on every 4 days as I work night shift patterns, usually between 9 and 5.

I'm in the UK

I have a hardmode character, so can help out others if stuck.

Forty-Seven Rōnin

Eater of Worlds
Dharak Colossus
Please Don't be a squeaker nor ask :red: tons of common sense questions
Online Most nights, late thursday nights and all through the weekend.
Looking for ppl who have alot of hardmode gear to spare as I just entered it.
I usually appear offline so just msg me anyway.
I also have a mic
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Hi GT: TommyWiseau199 a bit stuck I like to have fun and build new and creative things glad to help with anything message me on Xbox for anything and I will dupe glitch if you want
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GT: TE11iott7964, I only re-downloaded the game yesterday and lost 360save I have just entered Hardmode.
Hi names Luke
GT: Eraseable pick
Normal times: Weekends Sat/Sun 7AM to 10PM. Mon/Fri (holidays) 7AM to 10PM
Mon/Fri (school days) 4PM / 9PM
Mike? Yes
Need help to get started. Did have old acc on my Xbox 360 but corrupted, can’t get back. Need a all items world if poss or some big help please. Cheers
Hey Pretty new to Terraria. Started a couple files with friends but they tend to flake out and go back to other games. Looking to start a brand new game with someone. I'm 21 and Looking for someone closer to my age. preferably newer to the game who is cool doing whatever in the game. If you're a creative person that will be a plus! I'd prefer using the mic as I like to communicate when I play so we can actually get Shiz done. I am East Coast my gamer tag is Ceteri77 Be there or be square.
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