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Xbox One Need friends to play with?


GT: Drako Dragonis
Any new players are welcome to send me a message for help with bosses and whatever else they may need


GT John Labrie
I am currently working on building arenas and Mechanical bosses( need to kill skeleton prime next).
I play random times.. mostly at night and on weekends

Feel free to add me or join in at anytime I am on. I will be working on fighting hardmode bosses and gathering gear. Also working on building on map and collecting stuff (armors, statues ect).
I have a mic.


Don't be stupid and no immature kids
I play at random times so just msg me if you want to start up a world. kay thanks ❤
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Gt is LeathalOrigami
Playing Hardmode and have beat the twins, destroyer, and skeletron prime so far just grinding for gear to continue. But I also have no problem helping out newer players to get to hardmode.
I'm online at random times throughout the day but play pretty much everyday.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a mic and respectful attitude.
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Gamer tag is : H1Tm4n HB
Sorry for the gamer tag being weird /: please have a mic and I am willing to do whatever and will be on pretty much all the time these next few weeks
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