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Xbox One Need friends to play with?

Add me!
GT: MongoloidChuck
Just want to be productive and stay some bosses for lots
I play odd hours? I work four days then have 4 days off. So you'll see me alot 50% of the time


1. My GT FaultierSkates40.
2. No trolling, no pvp. Follow the task.
3. Play in the afternoon and evenings.
4. You need to have a mic.
Evil Bo Zai

Been playing a few days, terribly addicted, play as often as I can and up for playing anytime I'm available.
Sad xbox server list never shows players so...
Feel free to invite or join

Terrarian out.


My GT Gamer2020#3443 softore player hard mode need someone to play with I can give weapons and or armour if needed I can also start new world and or character
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