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Xbox One Need friends to play with?


Aaroff has just sat and helped me farm everything I needed on Terraria. I think the moderators should give him a present for being such a nice member of the Terraria community :p
gt: AButtonAthlete
age :28
Mic: yes
Availability: All day on Fridays and Sundays from 3pm to 9 pm eastern time on any other day but Sat
Progress: Eye of Chulthu,Brain of Chthulu and Skeleron all beaten

K Ron Spliffs

1. K Ron Spliffs
2. Meh, lets kill things and build things! But lets be mature bout it.
3. Mostly later in the evening, but usually on everyday.

Scrubow Gamer

Official Terrarian
Everybody, I have noticed a lot of friend request but not many people have posted so please post your GT and stuff (I don't play Terraria much and I have bad internet so I will not play much)

Scrubow Gamer

Official Terrarian
Hello everybody, I have not been playing lately but I am now back, I am about to have everything needed to make the naughty present so if anyone want to do the frost moon just send me a message via Xbox Live. Again sorry for not playing with anybody.

Spastic badger

Spastic badger :Xbl tag, currently farming "naughty presents" have a mob arena built just looking for bodies.

If you do join please be mature and don't destory anything that's not yours
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