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Official New 1.3 Spoilers: Enhancing the User Interface

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Official Terrarian
These looks so incredible! (both the spoilers and the towers)

How can I say this in a few words...

...Amazing.....I'm really excited, time for reading:

-Funny that the team colors resembles the gems
-Did anyone also noticed the new graphics of the tombstones
-That tree between those towers... @Snickerbobble confection confirmed?

Nah.. apparently snow can get hallowed/crimson/corrupted now. :l


Wow. I can't wait for this. Especially for the item favorites. I wish I had this feature for my character about two days ago. I collected a fallen star in my underworld. It fell all the way down my two-tile-wide Hellevator. Sadly, I ended up stacking it.


Oh my god, you guys never cease to amaze me. This is a spoiler focused mostly on user interface (something most people don't associate with being excite haha) and it has thoroughly pumped me even more for the update. This game is probably my favourites (or at the very least one of them) and probably the one I've sunk the most hours into. I really appreciate how much care the devs put into the game and how generous they've been with updates (huge, fun and free!). So many developers put the bear minimum into their games while charging top price and then adding content slowly, often at an additional cost, or neglecting to add content altogether (even if the game is broken and needs more). Because of that, I will continue to support Re-logic through all their future endeavours and though I am bursting with excitement for this update I am more than happy to wait until it's finished to the developers liking (instead of seeing them rush it out during the holiday season to try to make a few extra sales). So thank you all for all the hard work, generosity, and fan/customer interaction that you do. You guys are great!


Metal worm banner...?

CYBER CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got quoted so many times for the same reason, i know already that it's a dyed tree. I rather wish i could edit my first post there, if my mobile could handle the massive gif.:sigh:
Just give me some moment to get on my pc yeah?



Staff member
Awww yeaaaaah
Chooo choooo!

Anyone less think waypoints are gonna come when he mentions 'more' about maps?

Also, we will now have no more glitchy build screenshots! GJ, Re-Logic


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some of those banners look like: tesla turret, martian engineer, and the other martian guy, from an earlier spoiler that was said to be wrong.
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