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So I guess this is my first post on these forums, though I was a member at the old TO. Now, I have been lurking on these forums for a while and am no novice to Terraria.
With the introductions over, the main point of this post is that I believe that the Lunar Event Enemies after the Lunatic Cultist are quite nice, but lack a bit more variety. I just defeated the event for the 17th time and I now only miss the Predictor and Twinkle Popper banners, which I find is a sign a lack of variety. I therefore have proposed two new enemies for each pillar, which I hope you will like and I do NOT have sprites because when I tried my enemies looked like recoloured already - existing enemies or like Rainbow Slimes were the new spriters of Terraria.

Solar Pillar

AI: Pheonix AI (charges towards player at high speed, moves away, pauses, charges again)
Health: 800
Defense: 16
Attack: 70
KB Resist: 60%
Basically a Flocko and also an idea so that cheaty players don't try to autofarm the Solar Pillar. Looks like, well imagine the Pheonix from BTD5.

Sun Walker:
AI: Fighter AI (walks towards player at slow speed until 16 blocks away, then rapidly fires high damaging fiery spheres at player, second form charges player at high speed.)
Health: 1200 (changes to second form at 500)
Defense: 60 (second form 10)
Attack (Melee): 40 (second form 85)
Attack (Ranged): 50
KB Resist: 100% (both forms)
Baisically a stronger Liz-guy. Resembles a fiery and almost a spiritual Chaos Elemental x Liz-guy.

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Vortex Pillar

AI: Angry Nimbus AI (follows player from above in air, shoots beams similar to the Charged Blaster Cannon (but thinner) downwards that travels downwards and inflicts the Thunderstruck debuff for 5 seconds)
Health: 750
Defense: 20
Attack (Melee) 0
Attack: (Ranged) 50
KB Resist: 70%
A small mechanical object which stays in the air and occasionally fires CBC style lasers downwards which inflict the Thunderstruck debuff temporarily. Thunderstruck decreases defense by 50, which can be deadly.

Portal Flier:
AI: Flying Fish AI (Flies straight at player, creates swirling portals to heal itself)
Health: 1000
Defense: 32
Attack: 72
KB Resist: 40%
A small flying enemy somewhat resembling a metallic dragon that occasionally shoots small bolts that create tw0 portals, which will remain in the air for 10 seconds unless destroyed by a simple swing, which heal the Portal Flier 30 health in ticks of two seconds.

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Nebula Pillar

AI: Caster AI (warps around, fires projectile at player, waits three seconds, moves)
Health: 900
Defense: 12
Attack (Melee): 60
Attack (Ranged): 88
KB Resist: 32%
Very similar to Ragged Casters. Teleports, shoots 6 homing spheres in rapid succession, waits three seconds, teleports. Teleports if hit. Nebula Spheres inflict Obstructed. Resembles someone wearing nebula dye with nebula hemet and cultist robe.

Mind Tunneler:
AI: Worm AI (same AI as Milkyway Weaver, follows player, burrows)
Health: 1200
Defense: 60
Attack: 50
KB Resist: 100%
Baisically the same as Milkyway Weaver and Crawltipede except there is not a super vulnerable/invulnerable part. Imagine a mixture that's purple.

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Stardust Pillar

AI: Flow Invader AI (floats a distance away from player, summons minions, minions attack player)
Health: 800
Defense: 28
Attack (Melee): 50
Attack (Minions Melee): 60
Attack (Minions Ranged): 110
KB Resist: 30%
Resembles a flying Stargazer. Summons at regular intervals (six secs) four minions which charge player once, then fly away and shoots a small star. These minions are called Shines, and this is their stats:

AI: Flocko AI (charges player, flies away, shoots flying star)
Health: 200
Defense: 4
Attack (Melee): 60
Attack: (Ranged): 110
KB Resist: 18%
A small orb that gives off a bright light. Attack and behaviour is part of Starbringer.

Star Spirit:
AI: Hovering AI (moves towards player, passes through blocks, charges)
Health: 600
Defense: 12
Attack (Melee) : 162
KB Resist: 4%
Occasionally charges very fast at the player three times in a row. When charging, defense is reduced to zero however but it no longer needs blocks to go somewhere.that pass in a straight line through blocks towards player. After charges will teleport away and resume regular Hovering AI.
Resembles a Reaper without a scythe and with Stardust colouring.

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Thank you for reading my post, and PLEASE give feedback! If you like/dislike some of the mob ideas, let me know! If you really support an idea and can sprite, if you feel like creating any sort of sprite for it, please do!
(BTW I might do some hot fixes to the ideas because some of them (Star Spirit, Portal Flier, Sun Walker) were invented as I wrote...)
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The Vortex Pillar already creates portals that fire bolts at the player, so i'm not sure about the Burnout suggestion.

I would also change the sabotaur to Vortex, as I feel like it would feel more in place there. I mean, something like hwta you have described doesn't really fit the "summoner" theme, if you know what I mean.
Also, I am gonna be honest, I think the Solar Pillar has enough things flying across my screen, even though I like the idea of a phoenix. But at the same time, it is a "melee" based pillar, so having it do something else would be kinda wierd, so I am torn on what I would like to see. My suggestion would be this; it flies from one point towards the player, and return to its starting position (if anyone here plays Dota you'll know where i'm coming from ;)) , so it "dives" at the player, but isn't constantly on your back. This could be better or worse, i'm not sure.
There could be more refinement in some of these suggestions, I feel, as some of them seem similar to already existing enemies. But I like your ideas and I believe they can go somewhere.


The main reason I added the Pheonix is to prevent people from hiding in a box and use summons to defeat the Solar Pillar. Edited stuff.
Does anyone know a good spriting program?
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Skeletron Prime
The main reason I added the Pheonix is to prevent people from hiding in a box and use summons to defeat the Solar Pillar. Edited stuff.
Does anyone know a good spriting program?
I'm really (really) new to spriting but I would recommend GIMP for spriting. It isn't too user-friendly but it's a brilliant program to use when you get the hang of it.


Official Terrarian
If you plan on adding birds to the pillars than I have a few suggestions

Thunderbirds for Vortex
Strixes for Nebula
and Hraesvelgrs for Stardust


Official Terrarian
I've an idea, how about adding minibosses that spawn like the Mothron in eclipses of certain bosses at moon events?

Also for some suggestions for enemies for the other three pillars

Corona Paladin: An alien Solar version of the Paladin, though with less HP, uses oversized sword slashes instead pf Mjolnirs (IE the hammers that return to their owners)

Spiral Nemesis: Gurren Laggan reference aside, those are Nebula mages who atack with swirling projectiles

Xenomarksmen: Vortex archers, them using attacks like the Luminite arrows and unlike most enemies, can fire for arrows per "twang" of the bowstring (like the Phantasma)


I like the idea, but I think that it may be more interesting if they were added AFTER beating the Moon Lord. It gives more incentive to go back to the event after you have finally beaten it in it's entirety.
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