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Nintendo Switch Showcase Collection


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Greetings, Terrarians!

Given the increased frequency of Switch showcases we thought it would helpful to provide a central location for all the videos.

This page will be updated as new videos become available so make sure to bookmark it and check back often.​

Switch Teaser

Switch - Eye of Cthulhu Boss Fight

Switch - Skeletron Boss Fight

Switch - Touch Controls & Build Showcase

The Real Bryan

The Destroyer
This is going to look amazing when the final product is given light! Can’t wait to see how it will become! Good job Pipeworks yet again for the buildup of a fantastic port! ~:D

My body (or should I say, fingers) is ready for both Switch and Mobile now! ~:p


No showcase at at e3 was a little concerning. Has there been any mention of a delay or development issues I may have missed?


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[媒体=的YouTube] hV7kT64NZig [/媒体]

切换 - 克苏鲁老板的战斗之眼
[媒体=的YouTube] rnelp8ikqoM [/媒体]

开关 - Skeletron Boss战斗
[媒体=的YouTube] -CUliUjyay8 [/媒体]

开关 - 触摸控件和构建展示
[媒体=的YouTube] OQLP3B7-FSC [/媒体]​
Terraria 1.3 Mobile When did it come out? I've been waiting two years
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