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Non-Journey Completionist, Pre-Hardmode version


This is the final version of my current completionist world before going to Hardmode, so far I have spent just over 300 hours over the course of three months. As of right now the world contains almost every item obtainable in pre-Hardmode within that particular world, only missing a few of the rarer paintings and a few random furniture items. One of the more surprising items it is missing is the Swordfish Trophy, which thankfully I received shortly after entering Hardmode, after 700 completed quests. I have a few farms scattered around the world, all of which are my own design or conventional farms with a few modifications I made. Most of them should be easily visible from the in-game map, but there is a map under spawn with the locations of the most useful farms. The storage area for all the items is a large grid of Item Frames with the items sorted by internal item ID. The empty item frames are color-coded, with red for unobtainable, blue for Hardmode items, yellow for post-Plantera, purple for post-Moon Lord, black for items not obtainable in that world, and green for in-progress items. I have spent over 300 hours on the character so far, but the last 100 or so were spent tidying up the world and making a few more more farms/builds in preparation for Hardmode. When viewing the item frame grid, you will have to zoom in a bit in order to display the item frames properly, the game seems to get upset when having that many item frames on-screen. Attached is the .wld and .plr files, along with the zipped folder with map data.

Capture 2021-04-10 18_22_06.png


  • Feanor.zip
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  • The_End_1.wld
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