Weapons & Equip Normal Ninja Gear?


This might not be added as it's more like a personal complaint rather than a balance issue. Ah well, here we go...

I love the dashing ability of the Tabi and Master Ninja Gear. But at the same time I absolutely hate the Climbing ability of it - it's absolutely useless at post-Plantera because of hooks and wings, and sometimes it can be just flat out annoying.

My suggestion is to make it so that you could combine the Tabi and the Black Belt into a
"Ninja Gear" accessory, and then (optionally) add the climbing gear onto it to get Master Ninja Gear. As simple as that. Is it a good idea?

EDIT: this suggestion is now a part of my new Terraria mod - Miscellania. If you want to, you can check it out right here.
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actually, i like the black belt and climbing claws, but i hate the tabi as i keep charging into lava pits, traps, dungeon guardians, black holes, and other stuff, so i would prefer the master ninja gear without the tabi.
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