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Should the Servants of Ocram act like the BoC's Creepers, or circle around Ocram?

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Fortanono 🌳

Why is this thread labeled Xbox 360? Because I couldn't find a generic console option. :p

(NOTE: Sorry if I sound like I'm ranting, console devs, I'm just stating my opinion and trying to be as constructive as possible. It may get a bit passive-agressive at times, and for that I apologize.)

So, we all know Ocram, right? The boss that was considered unoriginal even for its time in 1.1? Well, with the new content introduced in 1.2, Ocram, the supposed "final boss" of Console 1.1, has become not only unnecessary for game progression, but impossible to fight in Titanium worlds without worldhopping. (remember, Crates aren't implemented yet in Console, so you can't get Adamantite on Titanium worlds). And even if you have Adamantite, the loot could still be terrible, as you are unable to craft any armor without the binary set of the first 3 Hardmode ores, due to each armor piece requiring all three pieces from those sets. So, yeah.

Of course, that's not his only problem. He's literally a modified Eye of Cthulhu AI with bumped-up stats and projectiles. Not the most interesting boss at all. However, we could hit a double-whammy with this thing. Now, Redigit from Re-Logic has deconfirmed the possibility of more mechanical bosses, leaving one major boss untouched. The Brain of Cthulhu, the Crimson counterpart to the Eater of Worlds, which was likely inspired by Ocram in the first place. Even if Ocram doesn't make it to PC (which he won't), you could make Ocram an actual Hardmode BoC counterpart, which puts the Crimson in equal playing field with the Corruption in terms of HM bosses.

So, let's get on with the suggestion!


First off, the summoning item. The Suspicious Looking Skull. There are a two of problems with this crafting recipe. First, the problem of the Adamantite Bars, as mentioned earlier. And second, the gating. You can obtain this item before all 3 mechs are defeated due to absolutely no boss souls in the recipe. I understand that the item is useless until they are defeated, but I don't feel that is a good way of gating something. "Just make an item useless until you are supposed to use it!" No. Just... It doesn't work. So I propose that the item is crafted with Chlorophyte instead of Adamantite, as that is easily farmable and only available after all 3 mechs have been defeated. It also fits thematically, as blight is basically plant disease and Ocram also has some green on him. And you should be able to fight Ocram in worlds where the mech bosses are not defeated, since you can fight the mech bosses in worlds that are not in Hardmode.

But still, there lies the problem of actually getting the darn thing. I propose that instead of the boss summoners being used, which is an idea I love but means it is impossible to farm, we should probably use 20 Bones and 3 Lenses instead of either one. To make up for it, 15 Chlorophyte Bars and 10 Souls of Light and Night are required instead of 10 Chlorophyte Bars and 5 of each.

Boss Fight

Ah, yes. The boss fight. Now, Ocram is currently very uncreative, and as I said in my introduction, I would change that by making him more of a Hardmode Brain of Cthulhu than he already is. Let's begin.

Phase 1

So, the Servants of Ocram. Since we are making a Hardmode Brain of Cthulhu, they will be spawned at the beginning of the fight, circling around Ocram. Unlike the Brain's Creepers, the Servants actually form a circle around him and don't go in and out of his hitbox. These Servants come in as a straight line and begin to wrap around Ocram, forming a circle that is very big and spaced out. There are 3 types, purple iris, red iris and yellow iris. These each have special abilities that I will get to later. But there is one thing you should know about: Ocram is not invincible,but when you kill the servants, they respawn a second later. They are also immune to piercing attacks, meaning that they are a shield for Ocram. Ocram spawns with 6 purple Servants (simply called "Servants of Ocram"), 3 Red Servants and 3 Yellow Servants. This makes 12 total, which are arranged in a specific pattern: Purple, Red, Purple, Yellow and so on. Now, here are the special abilities:
  • Purple: Deals 65 damage. Sometimes charges at you then quickly returns.
  • Red: Rapidly fires bursts of 3 lasers (think Clockwork Assault Rifle), each one deals 40 damage.
  • Yellow: Sprays Ichor like Spazmatism's flamethrower attack, dealing 35 damage per projectile.
Now how can you hit him with the Servants blocking everything? Well, there are two ways. First, you could try and get through the gaps in the circle. Second, you can hit him after he teleports. Like the BoC, Ocram moves around and teleports to you, while his minions slowly catch up. No, wait. He doesn't teleport. He dashes. It's basically the same as teleporting, except that he charges up as a warning, and if you're in between where Ocram is and where he "dashes" to, you take 75 damage. He also leaves little after-images of himself wherever he dashes, which you can bump into for 45 damage. Finally, he has 28000 health, 65 damage (when not dashing) and 30 defense. Deplete half of it and he will begin:

Phase 2

When depleted to half health, Ocram becomes his Phase 2 sprite and things begin to ramp up. Ocram begins moving really quickly, his servants following him much faster than before. He has a new attack where he launches his Servants at you. When launched, they gain a health bar (150 health) and defense (20 defense). They start out acting like Demon Scythe projectiles, slowly accelerating. When they hit full speed, they start following you and behave like Flying AI enemies, retaining their original projectile (though you can penetrate through them now). These are a distraction from Ocram, who is the one you must fight. In addition, he gives a shorter warning before dashing into you. When you deplete his health, you get some epic rewards:


So, the loot. Not really very good right now. So let's change that. First up, the raw drops of this beast.
  • 20-40 Souls of Blight
  • 30-85 Blighted Ore
  • 5-15 Greater Healing Potions
  • 10-20 Spectral Arrows
  • Sparkly Feather 20%
  • Horned God Mask 11.11%
  • Horned God Robe 11.11%
  • Horned God Boots 11.11%
  • Ocram Mask 14.29%
  • Ocram Trophy 10%
  • "The jungle grows restless..."
Ocram no longer drops pieces of the armor you craft from his drops.

Blighted Tier


To start off, Blighted Ore. What is this? Well, first off, there are no Blighted Bars. Instead:


  • 4 Blighted Ore + 1 Soul of Might = 1 Dragon Bar
  • 4 Blighted Ore + 1 Soul of Sight = 1 Titan Bar
  • 4 Blighted Ore + 1 Soul of Fright = 1 Spectral Bar
Now, the armors no longer require any previous tier armor, just a few bars. 15 bars for a Helmet, 25 for a Chestplate and 20 for Leggings. In addition, they each craft a weapon. 12 Dragon Bars crafts the Tizona, 12 Titan Bars crafts the Vulcan Repeater, and 12 Spectral Bars crafts the Tonbogiri (since there are no Blighted magic weapons). So that solves that. However, there are a few more interesting things. Set bonuses, for one. The current set bonuses for these armors aren't anything special, so let's see.
  • Dragon: Each piece now comes with 7% increased melee and movement speed. Set bonus is that a dragon orbits around you, lunging at nearby enemies.
  • Titan: Titan Mail now comes with a 20% ammo reduction. Set bonus is that you have a total 90% chance not to consume Spectral Arrows.
  • Spectral: Each piece now comes with an 8% reduction in mana usage. Defense for Hood decreased to 5, and Armor and Subligar decreased to 10. Set bonus is that magic attacks spawn stars from the heavens (like the Starfury) to attack for 10% of the total magic damage.
And finally, here are a few other ideas:
  • Tizona change: Has a function where it summons a purple orb that travels much like Book of Skulls projectiles, traveling straight at a very slow velocity. This takes some time to recharge, but the sword can be swung anyway. The projectiles and blade itself inflict Venom.
  • Vulcan Repeater change: After exploding, Vulcan Bolts split into 2-4 arrows of the type you shot from the bow in a Crystal Shard effect.
  • Tonbogiri change: When you hit someone with the Tonbogiri, homing dragonflies come out of the enemy that hit it. These deal 5% of the sword's damage and inflict Venom (along with the spear itself inflicting Venom rather than Poison).
Now, you might say that Venom would be OP, but considering the amount of enemies who are immune to it and the fact that DoT debuffs are worthless in lategame, I think it's fine. If Venom gets buffed, it shouldn't happen, but now, I feel that it's suitable.

Souls of Blight

NOTE: Sprites for this section are by @Bryce's Games.

Since Blighted Bars take the place of Souls of Blight in all of it's current recipes, what now? The answer is obvious: Make new weapons that are like the soul content right now. To begin:


Devil's Reaper
42 magic damage (main scythe)/21 magic damage (orbital scythes)
3 knockback (main)/0 knockback (orbital)
44 use time
Uses 16 mana
Casts a slowly accelerating Demon Scythe-style projectile with 4 smaller ones orbiting around it. The orbital scythes pierce infinitely, but the regular scythe only pierces ones, and the orbital scythes dissapate alongside it. The orbital scythes shred through enemies really fast.
Crafted with 1 Spell Tome, 40 Obsidian and 20 Souls of Blight.


Soul Rifle
75 ranged damage
3 knockback
18 use time (does not autofire)
Uses Souls as ammo
Shoots souls, which act a bit like bullets. Each one can bounce or penetrate once. The ammo perks are:
  • Light: 9 damage, inflicts Confusion
  • Night: 9 damage, inflicts Venom
  • Flight: 7 damage, homes in on enemies
  • Sight: 10 damage, inflicts Cursed Inferno
  • Might: 10 damage, inflicts Frostburn
  • Fright: 10 damage, splits into 3 smaller souls
  • Blight: 13 damage, inflicts Ichor
Crafted with 12 Hallowed Bars, 5 of each soul besides Blight and 20 Souls of Blight.


Thermal Blade
54 ranged damage
6 knockback
36 use time
Inflicts On Fire and Frostburn at the same time.
Crafted with 12 Hellstone Bars, 15 Ice Torches (changed to 1 Frost Core when that gets implemented) and 20 Souls of Blight.

Servant Staff
32 minion damage
2 knockback
Uses 10 mana
35 use time
Summons 3 Servants of Ocram, much like the Twins. They are purple, red and yellow respectively. The purple one charges enemies like a Spazmamini, the red one fires lasers and the yellow one sprays Ichor.
NOTE: I would suggest to wait to put this in, as it wouldn't make much sense without the 1.2.4 summoner expansion.


Sparkly Wings
Now in the same tier as Flame/Frost/Leaf/Ghost/Beetle Wings, but are crafted with the Sparkly Feather and are no longer sold by the Dryad. They also have an upgraded Jetpack effect with sparkles instead of fire.


Spectral Arrows
10 ranged damage
Now has a 25% chance to inflict On Fire!, a 25% chance to inflict Frostburn, a 25% chance to inflict Cursed Inferno and a 25% chance to inflict all three at the same time.
Still fired by the Sharanga and dropped by Ocram, but can now be crafted with 75 Wooden Arrows, 15 Ice Torches and 1 Soul of Blight.

Horned God Set

This one is simple. To replace the armor pieces he used to drop, Ocram now has a 33.33% chance to drop a piece of the Horned God set instead of the mech bosses.

Ocram and Plantera

As you could tell by my drop table, Ocram, not the 3 mechs, is now the gateway to Plantera. Plantera Bulbs only spawn after defeating Ocram.

What do you think?
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This would sew Ocram into the console version, and make him fit in pretty well! I think you did a really good job of this. It would make Ocram fit right into the console version, as well as the progression.

Nice job!
Wow, this is good! I hope this gets done! Also, add a Blighted Magic Weapon, there still needs to be one!
Well, Hallowed doesn't have a magic weapon, and it would make Dragon Bars more useful as they would craft 2 weapons, so I'm just gonna make Spectral Bars craft the Tonbogiri. Besides, the Devil's Reaper is a magic weapon, so yeah.

Also, I've added the Servant Staff and a change to Sparkly Wings.
Well I just revived this thread. PUT THIS IN THE GAME NOW 505 GAMES!!!!!

No more making many worlds in hope of getting Adamantite. YES
This change would make me mad. It's a good suggestion but I spent all that time hunting after the certain items to get dragon and titan armor.

Oh well, changes must be made for the good of the game. I support.
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