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    fine with it, added it to the app. also, what it lacked in strength was intended to make up for its wide range of usage.
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    Greetings, mortals. I, Yello, one of the first Hysteria players have returned with a new character!

    -Character Application-

    Name: Rose (Rose Patricia)

    HP: 75

    Personality: A cold and harsh person, she often manipulates others to her own benefit, unless she has grown to like that person, then she will protect said person. Enjoys chocolate, fizzy soda drinks and cheese.

    Backstory: Rose was an average girl. Smart, atlethic and beautiful just like Monika. She, however, was kidnapped at the age of 16 and was used for a ritual. A portal opened and she was sent to a dark world where it was kill or be killed. Her personality was changed completely after this experience. After learning the arts of that world, she escaped after 7 years trapped inside.

    Appearance: Has long black-dark red hair, mostly wears black and red. Has red eyes.

    Skills and Character Origin Attacks:
    • Origin Attack: Sword of Bloodstorm
      • Deals 14 Magical Damage
      • Single Target
      • Element: Lightning
    • Skill: Sonata of Devastation
      • Rose's next attack will be boosted by 3 and ignores defense
    • Skill: Melody of Reality
      • Increases allies' ATK by 2 and SPD by 1
      • Allies' next attacks won't miss

    Starting items:
    1) Pack of Infinite Chocolate Bars {Item}: Restores 10 HP (Can be shared with others)
    2) Eldritch Spellbook {Tool}: Rose can use this to summon Eldritch Tentacles to do stuff (Elevate her through obstacles, move said obstacle and break stuff)
    3) Necroferno Wisp {Tool}: A floating Wisp that provides light
    4) E-Z Use Ritual Pack {Tool}: Can be used to invoke spirits for buffs (Has a cooldown of 2 pages, not a combat item tho) (Examples of buffs: +3 speed, attack, etc.)

    Special Ability: Ragnarök
    Rose summons a lot of eldritch tentacles to bind down all enemies, dealing 77 Magical (Dark) Damage and a lingering 10 Damage/Turn for 3 turns. It also stuns the enemies for a turn.
    Inventory Space:
    [1.] Melody of Reality [Locked - Skill]
    2.) Pack of Infinite Chocolate Bars {Item}: Restores 10 HP
    3.) Eldritch Spellbook {Tool} - Can do stuff
    4.) Necroferno Wisp {Tool} - Lights the way
    5.) E-Z Use Ritual Pack {Tool} - Summons spirits for buffs (CD: 2 Pages)
    Save Point: Forest Campsite
    Is this considered OP?
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    I love the formatting and how everything is correctly put together just like Monika! Now onto the skills and some other stuff.

    I would rather a specific number for buffs than percentages. Also, cooldowns are measured in turns in Combat so I need you to fix those. I made notes in the reply above in blue. Fix that up and you are accepted! Tell me when you are done.
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    @Bubby Aurora

    Hey everyone! I want to reveal that there is lore on Hysteria! However, most of the lore will not be obvious, as the lore will have to be connected piece by piece. In order to solve the mystery and the true identity of Hysteria, you will have to explore every corner that is offered in order to miss any details. Beware, there is more than one ending. Here is one hint to start off:

    "One doesn't always speak the truth."
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    Oh, I also made an advanced guide for SPD and Evasion Bonus.
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    Name: John Smith

    HP: 70

    Personality: John is a man with no emotion, puts his milk first then his cereal then his bowl, corrects everyone’s grammar, if you make a complex redstone machine he will only break one piece of redstone, shuts off your TV in the middle of a grand finale, makes you lose your page in a book, and last but definitely not least he liked the emoji movie.

    Backstory: he lived a normal life before hysteria, then he didn’t after, after hysteria he lost all emotion and became the worst person to ever live.

    Appearance: he is 5’9”, 156 lbs, white, brown eyes, brown hair, and a has goatee.

    Skills and Character Origin Attacks:
    Punch: 1 damage
    Insult: enemy is insulted harshly by John, causing them to either attack him with 1.5x damage or not attack for the turn (50/50 chance)

    Starting items:
    Some infinite bag of dust: he uses it for whatever is necessary for it to do, normally throw dust at people to annoy them.
    Some rock he found of the ground(2): he throws it at people, 3 damage
    Clothes: what? You expect him to be naked? 1 defense
    Some thing that stays with him no matter what: its some ring that only fits on his middle finger and doesn’t fit on anyone else, oh yeah it also has the words “:red: YOU!” on it. By the name you can tell it’s second property.

    2.)Some thing that stays with him no matter what:
    3.)Some rock he found of the ground(2)
    4.)Some infinite bag of dust
    Save Point:

    Special ability: he doesn’t :red:ing know: he flips off the group of enemies with the finger that hat the ring on it dealing 40 damage to all of them.
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    @SimeaseKitten I edited the thingies, is it ok for you?

    So, it can be both Physical and Magical damage (So, Rose can either cast spells using the sword and slash stuff?)
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    Yeah... John's gonna get killed by not so friendly fire.
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    Also, it's fine how it is just doing magical actually.

    I can't tell if this is serious. Here is why:
    - Can direct damage to others but not only that but increases the damage the foe dishes out.
    - Everything is overwhelmingly underpowered
    - He LIKES the emoji movie making him a demented demon
    - His highest damage attack is ONE damage and doesn't even have a side effect
    - This character is based around angering enemies and attracting them to him (Cause believe it or not, throwing dust at an enemy would enrage them and they will target you.) Not to mention your character has 70 HP and doesn't even have 5 starting items.
    - His personality doesn't work well with other characters, and most likely will stop the story for meaningless conflicts.

    I would recommend changing the character entirely to a more 'alive' character. I can always recover your old character and you can use him if you prefer.
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    Guess that's something called a "kill this guy first" character.
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    “I’m gonna dox him”
    “Program I don’t think that’s a good ide-“
    “I’m Code, not Program. Program is currently in hysteria, I’m just waiting for simease to say “ok FINE” to the idea of me making an appearance as a boss”
    “OK I still think it’s a bad idea to fix people. It’s not nice”
    “But I’m an antihero”
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    Binary Expressions.gif
    Many Expressions for Binary.
    Context: I'm making a game.
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    So... im not the only one
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    If there was an option to downvote on this site I would do it in a heartbeat.
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    - I fixed it
    - that’s the point
    - he is
    - I buffed it
    - he’s the support no one asked for or wanted, but they got.
    - I have NO intention on stopping or slowing down the story, and will try my darnedest to just making him annoying, NOT impeding.

    Yes he is serious, and no I do not want my old character back.