PC PC is getting controller support!

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Hope this releases soon. I really want to get back into Terraria... but now I want controller support. xD
Hope this releases soon. I really want to get back into Terraria... but now I want controller support. xD
Indeed, we need this update soon. But the main focus of this update is on wiring, so mechanics like I will definitely have the most fun tinkering with this.
I've always wanted controller support for PC! Will the Steam Controller be compatible as well?

I was just telling myself a few weeks ago I wish this game had controller support, even going as far as trying to find third party ways of doing it since the controller mod hadn't been updated in a while. I can't tell you how excited I am for this update.

Looking forward to the other parts of the update as well though...
I use Xpadder and my PS4 controller. It's alright but still nothing like console.
I used to use xpadder many years ago, back when it was a free and safe standalone utility... but then they turned into some shady paid app and I went to joy2key. A shame. Didn't think anyone would still be using xpadder tbh! Good news is you won't need it after this update! :)
Finally! Now I can play the game in low precision mode.

That aside, this is pretty underwhelming considering the fact that there are a number of third party controller software that could do this. Hell, there was even a mod on TO once for this exact thing.
Been using my Xbox 360 controller since 2012. This addition is a complete joke.
Seeing as how I find using a controller for Terraria to be utterly atrocious by comparison to all the wonderful capabilities of mouse and keyboard, I probably won't be using it. Though I guess some people like it, so It's cool to have it for them.
If you mean reversing them that's definitely doable right now in 1.3.1 , you can also assign the functions of the mouse to any other key, really. (but I highly recommend avoiding that...)
Mac's magic trackpad can get to be a bit finicky, which is why I usually use F instead of right click. xD
Um...how about Mobile Version? It says on the Options,well is it there for no reason at all? Because you have the option for controller as well...
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