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Wanted to draw a small aftermath doodle, for the fun. :v
Honey aftermath.png

Good night.
I've improved the angelic Steef of last half-year.
I liked this one too much to draw a new one over it, so I've decided to improve this one instead:
Angelic Steef 1.png
Angelic Steef.png<-Old one in comparison

And some doodle compilation:
Beware, this is gonna contain a lot of Fire Emblem 6 :p

Starting with 'some' new FE Sprites of characters requested by TCF users, and myself:
FE TCF reborn.png

FE TCF 6.png
FE TCF 7.png

A doodle of the main group I've used in FE6, I've really enjoyed the first playthrough:
FE6 Units.png

And the Entire 'Dieck at your service' comic series.
Dieck at your service.png
Dieck at your service 2.png
Dieck at your service 3.png
Dieck at your service 4.png
Dieck at your service final.png

As for all the non Fire-Emblem stuff:

Angelic Steef once again:
GN Hardcore Expert Angel.png

Thardus walking the 40-day road through harsh times:
The 40 day road.png

Character of Lillnex:
Lil' lill.png

And the last but not least, another doodle of Kaho from Momodora:
Hood Girl.png
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