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Drawings & Paintings ppower arts


Ohey, it's the end of the month again...Crawls out of bed.

Monthly art batch!

I've worked more on game development than on artworks this month, so it's kind of fair to highlight that instead.
But for consistency sake, I'll keep the artworks on top of this post.


I've redesigned the Alraune char again by including leaves, to look more green and plant-like.
She goes with the name Ludine by now:
Bigg plant.png

And it was Corenality's Birthday once again!
Due to similairities, I've given his OC the pose of Pauline. :v

Quick doodle of the remaining girls in casual clothes before setting off in vacation:
grills cough.png

An art meme, #Faceyourart, where you post the 9 faces of previous drawings, to the consistency in the artstyle.
face your art.png

And another art meme, #ArtStyleBend, where you try to draw different from common characteristics others found in your style:

---Game development---

Lately I've been working on various background objects, and filled them up through all of the rooms.
to diverse the backgrounds from enemies and other interactable objects, the lineart of the background blends a little with the rest.
The results have been looking really great so far
background objects.PNGbackground objects2.PNG

I've also looked for a "time attack/speedrun" methods with an in-game timer. And let the ending artwork vary depending on the clear time.
By been a metroid fan, I found that a fun reference. :p

Now, most that is left are...the backgrounds, and while I've already given it a try begin this year, I think this is something that needs some thoughts.
- How many backgrounds is enough backgrounds? And how much detail is enough detail?
- Would backgrounds suffice it's role and not be interrupted with other background tiles?
- How will backgrounds work in relation with other objects? Will too much detail blend too less?
- And the fact I'm no longer drawing backgrounds/scenery anymore, let alone multiple.

Personally, I think simplified backgrounds as this would already suffice enough for me, it's just a part that's combined with other background elements as well:

Backgrounds currently are a bit glitchy too, so I might not even include it as main priority to release the game with them, but it surely would be nice to have though.
I think for now, it's better to leave it as is, and give it some second thoughts afterwards.

Vacation is over for me, but I'd say it was well spend.
Onwards for a new year! (And please let the heat cool down)


Monthly art batch time.

It was a month with some stress and deadlines. Right now I've been managing through, And took the evenings easy by just drawing.
At one side I thought this month wasn't very productive, but now I look back at it, I've done more stuff than I had expected, suprising how much a drawing in the evening can do.
So let's start with it.


This time there was quite a focus on improving old OC's and birthday gifts.

Birthday drawing for DG-VR, with me and MiltVala's OC's, and to give a little nod to the neko-ness trend. <w<
cat grills.png

Rand and Rianne. Two characters I've once made to expand the Space Siblings crew.
I havn't really mentioned them ever since then, so I wanted to give them at least a decent ref:
Rand and Rianne.png

Thardus has retired from been an adventurous mage, and has started a quiet life as a shepherd.
He still have to take care of the sheeps for any harm, so he reforged his Sky Fracture into a shepherd staff.
Thardus Shepherd.png

Nageru once again:
fruit ninja.png

Silvyne's mother aka armom:
queens and queens.png

Birthday art for Rei, she likes Eevee's:

Birthday art for Epiccriddle, surrounded by many other lightning OC's:
OG Criddle birthday.png

---Game development---

The background glitch I used to have is now fixed, weeew!
So I've been on my way trying to implement some backgrounds.

Decided to start first with some simple drafts to see if they look fine enough, and to try out how many backgrounds I think are needed to suffice:
So currently, backgrounds are already implemented, but they're still drafts, I still have to consider the blending in mind to still recognise it as a background.
background1.PNGbackground2.PNGbackground tease.pngbackground sketch.PNG

Which comes to realise, I actually havn't drawn a proper background for years...let alone multile.
So it's kind of a challenge to try this again, though with the simplelicity in mind, I don't think it would be too big of a problem.

The backgrounds are currently rather static following though.
I'd love to have a parralax effect, but for now, I'm already satisfied enough if there are backgrounds, they really give a more immersive feel of depth:
background moving.gif

Man...when I was playtesting if the background drafts were implemented correctly, I found it hard to believe that it already looks almost finished.
Backgrounds are currently the last major thing that needs to be added. and there are around 12 backgrounds to do. It feels like a home stretch now. :)

There's however currently a GameMaker bug that breaks the save method, They're already aware of it, and I hope to see it fixed the next version of GameMaker.
so unless you're able to beat it in one session without dying. I rather wait with releasing untill that bug is fixed.

That's all for now, I'm wondering how next month will pack things out.
So untill then, untill next month!
GN Nageru fit.png


...wow, it's suprisingly been a busy month, by looking back, I've been suprised myself as well. Lol

Overwork is done and stress is out! Weew!
So I've also been doing more stuff in the pasttime, it felt good.


Starting with a new OC as this month's highlight:

There was once a time a bunch of friends made cat girls and slime girls, and I preferred to not join the trend 'just because'.
And now, here I am making a slime girl myself. :v
magnet slime.png

This character was inspired by Metallic Putty, though with the twist that she actually is magnetic herself.
Due to this, she's attracted to metallic gear, which in her time period is fitting for most adventurers exploring the world.
Though she has no evil intentions herself, just her nature alone can be seen as a threat, especially to well equipped and armored adventurers.
She has a diet on metal, and doesn't prefer plants or flesh. So that's a relief to them.

Redesigned the alraune again to look more plant-like and bigger:
Alraune evolution.png

And a worthy mention that I've finally made a new Steef design after 2 years. :v
This time I've simplified it a lot, giving it a little more 'castlevania' feel with his coat and boots. I think it fits his nature and interest pretty well.

And more drawings/doodles in the spoiler:

Anyone remember that Nageru had a fairy with leaf wings? I found her design actually pretty solid, so I've wanted to give her a redesign:
Leaf Fairy.png
Fairy form2.png

Ironically enough, instead of cat girl and slime girl trends, there's now a sort of fairy OC trend happening that I kinda caused. :v
GN fairy gang2.png

(I forgot to add a fairy char there)
GN ishtar fairy.png

Suweeka's birthday art!

Animal day with animal characters!
animal day.png

Magnet Slime in action:
magnet hug.png

Watched the anime "Keep your hands off, Eizouken" last month.
It's a great one about making an anime with a small, but very inspired group:
Eizouken imagination.png

And a challenge challenge (challenge challenge challenge?) meme I did with Kagero from FE:

---Game development---

All the backgrounds are done! \o/
For now, I've been waiting for GMS2 to fix the saving bug, I know so far that it's already fixed in the current GMS2 Beta, but I rather wait untill it's on a release build.
GN savestone1.png

This however does give me time to work on some optional additions and improvements, so I can see it as a plus too:

So far the things that are currently left to do:
- Waiting for GMS2 to release it's next version.
- Ending screens
- Possible boss improvements
- testing + testers feedback changes
- Preparing for publish

It feels really close now, if it's not for next month, then hopefully for December.
I'm looking forward for it to wrap it all up. :)

See you next month, and happy halloween! (For those that are celebrating it)
GN Doodling.png


Montly Art batch time.

Been currently on a break, so it has been low on content.
Yet, I've still managed to do some things and another.
For now, I'll leave this month's update short just to give a head's up.


Been working on one of Herten Held's ending screens recently,
But I really liked how Samantha turned out, so I also made it in a seperate char image:
Samantha ending2.png

After the 5th Anniversary Concert, I've finally decided to pick up Undertale for myself.
Despite I already knew the game, I still had several laughs and feelings out of it's small gags.
I would love to draw more fanart for the game, but for now, have a quick Undyne:

And no, I won't do Genocide:
GN undertale.png

Flowery Flower:
GN flowery.png

Sodapone birthday doodle:
GN sodabirthday.png

---Game development---

The saving bug is fixed! Yeeeeet! \o/
That really gave me a boost in motivation, so Herten Held's latest version has been tested by others for the first time this year.
It has recieved some great compliments and feedback. It's already a great game, but there are still things that can be done to improve it more.
I expect it to be a January release. I'm working to see how close I can get to it, but I don't want to stress over it. :)

Things left to do:
- Working on tester's feedback. (It seem quite a lot, but I think it's doable)
- Revisiting ending screens.
- Improving boss
- Preparing for publish

The testing went great, I've discussed about improvements for hours, and it really gave my motivation back.
Though still feeling stressed, so I've to be aware that my own determination doesn't become my downfall. (totally not an Undertale reference)
Working on it slowly, and giving time for other things seem to be the best approach for now. I'll keep my health in check. :)

Holiday's are coming soon, will it be for work extra hard on the game, or to give the time to relax? Guess that's gonna depend on the situation.
That's it for now, untill next month!


And time to close up this year with the last monthly art batch of the year.

2020 as a whole was...something, not just the Covid-19 itself, there were a lot of expectations, stress, sickness and disappointments I had to face.
It was not a year I like to remember personally, and for privacy reasons, I don't like to go too deep into it.
Though, been able to work on my game was something that kept me busy throughout the year. And now that all these things have been put aside, this holiday honestly feels rather relieving.

I've as new years resolution that I no longer want to focus too hard on game development, and once Covid is over, that I hope to interact with more people again than before.
I used to have a focus on frequency over quality, maybe that's something I should go back into, and try that practise in game development as well.

More on this stuff later, let's start with the artworks first. :)


For the holiday's, all of my OC's have gathered together to celebrate Christmas and new year.
It felt strange to make such a drawing, while knowing that I unfortunate cannot celebrate it myself.
Perhaps I'm already longing to see the full family in person again (We still have celebrated Christmas well as a small group though!)
OC christmas.png

This does mean that there's no game summary art for this year. As I've wanted to do it with OC's for once.
But with the inclusion of the Switch, there have been some great games I've played this year, so some of them have been mentioned as Christmas Tree ornaments. :)
Terraria 1.4
Castlevania: Symtony of the Night on mobile
The hardcore games mix (Caveblazers, Celeste Farewells, Cavestory+ Hardmode and Blaster Master Zero Destroyer Mode)
Age of Empires with colleagues.
Noita 1.0

Switch games:
Super Smash Bros Ultimate (a lot with brother rivalry, which is also seen in the image above)
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Mariokart 8 Deluxe
Evoland 1+ 2
Overcooked 2
Shantae and the Seven Sirens
Super Mario 3D All Stars

And this year marking my 5th anniversary of my "Summary of Art"!
Year review 2020.png

I've come such a long way when looking back.
Even though I think my style is already looking fine as is, it's great to see that there's always room for improvement as well. :)

More artworks in the spoiler:
I've participated in a Secret Santa gift once again, this time I had to draw Usada Pekora.
She reminded me of Aru in some way, and since that was fitting for Christmas, I gave her outfit an Aru color sheme. :p
bunny girlll.png

I've also gotten a Secret Santa gift as well!
With Sapphire and Samantha hanging out on holidays!

I've wanted to give Sapphire a little redesign/alternate design.
Finally giving her a purpose as the Guardian of the fire arrows. She waited so long to finally feel useful. :p
Sapphire Archer.png

Sword shooting:
sword shooting.png

Bored doodles:
doodle dump.png

---Game development---

Man, Herten Held has come such a long way, and I'm glad to see it's in a condition I already can see as finished.
Only OST changes and ending screens are left, and for now I'm testing it through to see if there are minor things left to improve, while waiting for the music commisions.

The whole release update has been a full-year project for me. And a lot of great things have happened:
- Full Backgrounds, complete with background tiles, and objects in every room!
- Intro and ending cutscenes, complete with a timer and endings depending on time!
- Enemy and boss redesigns and revamps!
- Controller Support!

...if I may be honest, I may have pushed things too hard for the short game it is.
For a long time, I've been thinking the game didn't looked as good as I wanted, and then when backgrounds were done, I think it has become much bigger than I wanted to.
Regardless, I'm happy how it has resulted into. And I'm looking forward for releasing it. :)

When the release happens is depending on the testing results and music, I'm not going to stress about it to make it in January, so I guess it's done when it's done. :p

I'd love to focus on much smaller games after this, similair like I did with Space Siblings.
But I do not regret working on this one. Sooner or later I would have loved to try out a Metroidvania game anyways.
Just maybe, I would try working on a larger project again, but that's a thought for much later.

Whatever 2021 will bring to us, remains a mystery, so the best that we can do is hoping for the best, that things may go just a little better than last year.

And that's all for now.
I'm wishing you all and everyone a good and hopeful 2021!
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Monthly Art Batch time!

This month has been a focus on gamedev polish (...and Breath of the Wild), more on this in a moment.
I didn't had expected to do much drawings, but I ended up doing a few anyways. :p


Happy birthday Nageru!
It's been 6 years since I've created the throwable playthrough, and when I've created my first girl OC. Things have changed quite a bit. :p
I've wanted to do a little more dynamic pose for her this time, she's a ninja after all:

And a Birthday gift for @Dragonith
An elemental fairy riding a literal dragonfly:
Super Dragon World.png

And more arts in the spoiler:
An art trade for TenaciousTinker (Have yet to recieve my end though):
tinku slimegal.png

And wanted to draw the character appearing in my game's fountain,
She was intended to be just a random character, but I may give her some background information:
Water Serene.png
Fountain statue.png

And worked on an ending screen of my game.
It's supposed to be a reward, but I've really liked how the sunset looks, so I'll give it a sneak peak:

I've heard people really liked to draw cows this year, but I didn't saw the need for it.
GN draw cow.png

Food preference fun:
GN vores.png

(Had intended to put this in the Christmas drawing, but I think it fits better seperate)

Out of context fun:
GN plewds.png

---Game development---

- Ending screens done!
- testing done!
- self-testing done!
- post-testing changes done!
- Everything can already be considered done.
Only the OST change is left, but I don't make the music, so I can't be certain when that happens.
So currently I'm polishing the game, looking for potential bugs to fix, and doing some small changes if needed.

It almost looks release ready.
Once everything is implemented, I'll be able to plan a release date.
But I'll at least give it a week before releasing to make sure nothing is missing. :)

Also, I've planned to work on Herten Held's page on itch.io, so it's currently unavailable until the release.
Hopefully that's understandable.

Fun fact: in my calender, this February starts with monday and ends with Sunday, lasting only 4 rows of weeks, this hasn't happened for over 10 years.
That's all for this month, untill next month!
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Cover art.png

And at long last, Herten Held is finally released!

You may check out the full post here:
Member-Run Project - ppower indies

Or if you want to go straight to the download page, then you can visit this link.

I can say, this has been a huge relief.
Since the start of 2020, I've been doing near-weekly updates on this game to keep the progress going, it felt great to share progress that way.
The montly updates of the art thread were great as well, I personally liked the gamedev subsection, rather than splitting that up into 2 threads.

It has been heavy to make room for this as well as keeping up at my job.
And due to this, I'll rather focus on things that are done in less time, like drawings, or maybe short games.
I've still ideas on future updates, but for now I like to take a break on the development.

I hope you're enjoying it, I'd love to hear feedback of it, but that's preferable in the gamedev thread. :)
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Reaching the end of the short month. So here's a short monthly art batch:

As you've seen earlier, the first week was mainly spend on finalising the release update of HertenHeld.
It's also recently updated to v1.0.1, to do some quick changes.

As for now, I've been taking a break from game development and social media to do some things I havn't been able to do in a long time.
Like playing Skyrim for a full week straight.

There have also been a few drawings made in the meantime though, expect to see a lot of Samantha and Smash. :)


Samantha on fire
Fire Archerrr.png

And Samantha resting out
ending1 v2 crop.png

Pyra and Mythra are is Smaaashh, AAAAaaaaaa!!!!
Sword grills.png

I've actually not played Xenoblade at all, but I've really liked the character designs when I saw them as spirits.
Sure, they may look like just another Swordfighter, but I've not seen any swordfighter that looks so anime and amazingly cute.
They're really welcome to me, and I think they fit my style as well. :v

Gee, I wonder why I like them so much

Also Smash related, that Mythra pose when she showed up looked badass,
so I wanted to draw Silvyne with that pose as well:
silver pose.png

Also Smash related, I've wanted to draw my Smash mains out of boredom.
Funny enough, this was actually drawn before I knew about the direct. :v
Smash mains.png

---Game development---

HH update 1.0.1 1.png

HertenHeld is released now, and it has recieved a hotfix in the meantime as well.
Currently it has recieved over 20 downloads, and I've recieved some good feedback for it as well.

The effort spend for the release update has really exhausted me though, so for now I've been trying to recover from it.
I won't be focussing much on game development and updates anymore, at least not until next month.

Although I've a lot of afterthoughts about it, if the amount of effort was worth the little attention it has recieved.
And if it was better if I've worked on smaller games instead.
But regardless, I've learned a lot from this project. And I've used it to help other people who started with Gamemaker Studio as well.
And I'm happy to look back at it and see what it has become:

Currently I'm in a lent period, and decided to take a break from both Game development and Social Media. (Safe from Sunday)
I hope the recovery will help out to gain my healthy condition back. Gamedev is fun, but it's hard to balance out along with your actual job.

I havn't felt this much freedom for a long time, it does feel really good.
I've only been playing Skyrim the past week, where I do a pacifist challenge where I have to keep my kill and crime count as low as possible.
Perhaps it's less about the bragging rights, but more about having something else to do. And strangely, it works really well.
I feel more at peace than when I'm browsing social media, it's that strange feeling of immersion that the game gives.
I do log some highlighted moments that I experienced in the classic. So if interested, I might doodle these moments as well. :)

And that's all for now, strangely we're already reaching the month where the worldwide pandemic started, time feels like it's flying by fast.
Hope you're all staying safe in these times!


Last sunday of the month, so might as well do my monthly art batch, while at it.

This month I've finished my Skyrim pacifist run. I've cleared it with only 1 undead kill (the Draugr Overlord that holds the Diamond Claw) and Alduin himself.
It was a pretty fun and impressive run. But I'm glad that it's over. Having to check the kill stats constantly to be sure I didn't messed up is a bit tiresome.

I've also been playing Final Fantasy 7 for the first time, I've been interested in playing it since the Sephiroth reveal in Smash Bros Ultimate.
Though the graphics are pretty dated, it's still a great game once you got the hang in it. Looking forward to play it again tonight. :)

Due to both games been pretty big and addictive, I've used it mainly to take the month off to relax. The relaxing has done me good. And I hope that my health improves in the next month as well. :)


Back at Terraria art once again!
I've been wanting to try out something new, the image probably speaks for itself:
Bound mechanic.png

I think it would be fine in this context, as it's basically canon. :p

There's a game developer I've been following for a while, and their game's really looking cute and promising,
and it's cutesy style is similair with what I would've loved to do for my game.
So to give him some support, I've drawn his main character:


Check out his progress here:

Casual Nageru relaxing, I'm liking it how this turned out::
nageru vibing color.png

And been thinking of making new boy OC, taking inspiration from Nightmare, Magnus and Cloud:
cyborg swordfighter.png

---Game development---

Gamedev break!


...I got nothing to do :v

Well, more or less, I've wanted to polish HertenHeld a bit, so it'll fit more to change it into an engine.
One of the main things I want to give to the game is keybindings, so I've done some preparations to make the keybindings work well.

For example:
The healing item now activates on it's own, instead of having to fill and heal up with a different button:
passive vail.gif.gif

Menu's have been reworked so it's possible to have a scrolling menu in different areas, like the pause screen:
pause menu.gif

And the first steps have been taken to set a list of actions to specific buttons.
This is not changing the controls yet, but it's so far the first steps:
keybindings progress.gif

Sometimes, gamedev is a lot of work, and a good working game is already taken for granted.
There were a lot of bizarre bugs I've seen thoughout the development, even just from past week.
I can see it as a good thing that these things goes unnoticed though, but I felt like I wanted to share this one:
paper samantha.gif

That's all for this month's batch! Have a great day, stay safe, and don't let april fools fool you! :bluslime:
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