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Drawings & Paintings ppower arts


And last one for @Jerion 'Wyverntamer' Kràl
I should've probably reconsidered drawing the bull, oh well:


February went by fast,

I've been very productive at the first two weeks of the month, and then I started playing Breath of the Wild for 2 weeks straight. :p

However, I'd like to announce that my Art Thread's OP has been updated!

In short:
- recent art is added and updated to thumbnails
- huge cleanup in spoiler-fests and OC information
- Added gamedev section
- cleanup in the old 'other stuff' section, Terraria doodles has been moved right under the other Terrariart.

Terrariart section:
First and foremost, the Terrariart has been updated with new thumbnails, and broken thumbnails/links have been fixed.
The spoiler with Terraria doodles have also been moved upwards, so they fit in the Terraria Art section:

OC's (Original Characters) section:
As said before, the OC info section was a huuge mess. There were spoilers everywhere where you had to click to view an old image. I didn't found that efficiënt.
So most of my OC information tab now looks like this:

I want to make it look more cleaner without having to remove images.
Some of the images have been put together in one spoiler, to save unnecesary clicks, and makes viewing them easier:

And in the 'more' section is now all old art placed together, with an extra section for bigger images:
The OC section has now also a link to my toyhou.se, which I'll also update for OC information.

Indie games section:
Furthermore, I've decided to make a section for the indie games I've made, game development is what I consider an art as well, so I think it's fair to advertise them here as well. :p

Extra section:
This section was in a need of a cleanup, I'm not much of a pixel-artist of an animator. (besides for gamedev).
So it wouldn't really do good to showcase them in thumbnails. So theve have been shortened up in the spoilers.
The animations and Fire Emblem sprites are still present in the spoilers, to avoid the risk of broken images, these will be kept there.

The shimejiee tab has been removed entirely, and is currently only accessable in the shimejiee thread.
To be fair, since that I've created that thread, I've also ceased doing them. they had a good time showcasing.


Today was also the month of valentine, and as usual, and I've liked to see Sapphire in this settlement as well. :passionate:
My heart is burning for you.png

Valentine's day is one of the days I don't take too serious, but appearantly I havn't skipped a valentine artwork each year. Pretty suprising huh?

I've also picked up Evoland 1 & 2 on the Switch. it's somewhat similair to 'the messenger' of switching into different artstyles, en even different gamemodes.
The whole series is a nostalgia trip, and I'd say it's worth picking up. Especially Evoland 2.
So I decided to draw one of the characters from Evoland 2: Fina:

And some more doodles on the way:

As done earlier at the start of the month, I've opened requests again, and done 10 of them.
These are also compiled in the next Request Recap, which is also already visible on the main post:
Request Recap 15.png

Besides these, I've also done some friend requests:
Fren requests.png

I've tried to go back into daily doodling again, starring Nageru's return:
GN Return of Nageru.png

She also get to meet Sapphire, and they seem to get along pretty well:
GN Ninjas and valkyries.png
GN In your eyes.png
GN Angel friend.png

Aaaand then Zelda: Breath of the Wild happened, so the other 2 weeks were just weeks of relax. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As for the status of game development:
I've taken a break this month, so I'll be honest to say nothing has happened.
Just thoughts and plans on pushing forward. But I don't prefer to do too much because of stress and headache.
Right now I'm feeling 'okay', but I've decided that I only want to continue if I'm feeling 100% healthy.

The lent period before easter has also started, so I think that's also the moment where I'll take a Social Media break from now, With a focus to recover properly.
I've done a lot to keep the stuff up to date, so I find the break well-deserved.

Hope to see you all during Easter again!

Lent 2020.png


Easter's upon us, so the lent period of not posting is over. I'm glad to be back. :)
...Well, more or less, because of the quarantaine stuff, it feels like lent has taken it's own way...worldwide, so I eventually started posting on Twitter again.

Regardless, I've managed to take the time to relax, and as result, I actually felt more productive this period in return.
So without further ado, here's the stuff I've done recently:


Silvyne has gotten 2 new forms lately, one in her Silver Armor outfit,
this time complete with a Silver Sword, Silver Shield, Silver Helmet and a Tungsten Greatsword, in memory of a fallen fellow knight:
Knight Silvyne.png

I've also watched a fun anime called "Bofuri: I don't want to get hurt, so I maximise my defence" (Just typing 'Bofuri' is good too)
perhaps spoilers, but one of the appearances had inspired me to combine Silvyne's space armor with 5 spaceships at once.
It was silly, but fun to work out. :p

As far as the 2 spotlight artworks go, time to continue with more drawings in the spoilers
Since I stick with "One character doing multiple things", it's difficult to keep track which weapons they're all capable off.
So I've made recently a list of my main OC's weapon arsenal, I've also tagged which weapons are Terraria related, because they're quite mixed between their original weapons. :p
OC weapons list.png

More Bofuri memes:
Maple approaching.png

Angel character for TenaciousTinker on Twitter:

I changed my Avatar and name to Milt69466 back in 2015, and Milt said that I was in charge of drawing android butts from now on, which I did:
android butt.png

Firefox and Valkyrie:
Mirea and Sachiho.png

And more OC/Nageru interactions:
Ludine hug.png
Shadowclaw hug.png
silvyne gaming.png
Steef hug.png

---Game development---

The Lent period has done me good, I've taken my time to rest and not pressure myself.
As of current, I'm feeling healthy and well again, so I've started working in game-development.

That said, I've also an announcement to make:
As of now"Hjort Helten" has it's name changed to "Herten Held"! And from this point, I've planned to work on it untill it's release ready!

Herten Held announcement.PNG

It may perhaps be a huge undertaking, but considering the mayor parts that's remaining are the story and backgrounds. I can see an ending in it's journey appearing.
Everything else can be considered as optional, and I'll work on these when the major goals are reached.
I find the plan looking solid and reachable, hence why I'm ready to continue to it's release build.

I'll keep the progress up to date on Twitter through #ScreenshotSaturday. So you may visit it if you like.
Here's so far some of the progress already done:

Hopefully everyone's doing well during this quarantaine period, I'm currently fine myself, but the experience can differ for each person.

Happy Easter, and please stay safe everyone! May God be with you.

Reverse bunny.png


Since last month was already halfway through April, this month is of course a bit shorter than usual.
And on top of that, since last post, I've only worked on Herten Held, improving the artwork/sprites in game.
I'm really glad how the new tilesets and walls are looking so far, so I wouldn't mind sharing them again. :)

Wall tiles!.PNGdark forest.pngsanctuary tease.PNG

It may still take several months untill this project is finished and release ready though.
And with Journey's End approaching, I think it wouldn't hurt to take the next month off for now.

After all, the bowstring cannot always be stretched.
Samantha relax.png


A little later with the monthly batch, I had a bike accident last sunday, and now my left arm needs to rest. (I'm also writing this with one hand now)

Terraria's Journey's End is out! Weeeeew!
Also, several deadlines were in the same month, aaaaahhh!

Regardless, I've still done several things this month, including some Terraria hype once again.


Starting with my favorite one, Bloom from Winx Club:
Bloom enchantix.png

It was an old but nostalgic show for me, pretty girly, but now I like girls. So I've enjoyed watching it back. :v
(I may or may not have Sapphire's personality inspired by Bloom)

I've done a few Terraria drawings as well, though not much after the release, I think I was too busy playing Journey Mode then.
I wonder how ths results into once I've reached endgame:
Capture 2020-05-20 20_36_11.png

Mother's Day happened again, so I wanted to draw armom again. (pending name, I may keep her now. :v)
I'm having some ideas about lore for Trex and Silvyne, but it's not fleshed out yet. So I'll just let this picture tell the story for now:

I did an art trade with @TenaciousTinkerer to draw his Mimic OC:
Slime mimic.png

The trade resulted pretty well:05-23-20_-_Steef_Art_Trade.png

Zoologist Fox Grill is a cute:
Fox grill.png

perhaps a little too cute:
Dont mind him hes a lumberjack.png

Suweeka is back once again! Or well, at Twitter at least. :v

It was a pleasant suprise to see Suwee back, you really should follow him if you can. :D

and last but not least, Crocorocs playing golf:
Golf richard.png

---Game development---

I decided to take a break from the gamedev last month, because with stress and Journey's End approaching, I didn't wanted to add this up either.
Once I've done what I wanted to do with Terraria, I would like to return to it again.
Samantha Fire.png

That's all for now, hope you're all enjoying Journey's End! (and if not, the devs are open to feedback)
And hope you're all staying safe!

Sapphire Icon.png


And another month has passed, so time for the Monthly art batch.

Both arms have been restored already, now it's time to cope with intense summer heats. 🔥🔥🔥
Though this time I've been prepared, and bought a fan for my desktop, yay.

And without further ado, time for the artss:


First bigg Terrariart since 1.4!
I've really loved the Zenith's visuals to symbolise the end of the journey.
There couldn't be just one ultimate sword, so instead, every ultimate sword is a part of it.
It's to me the best way Terraria could've gotten with the final sword.

I've also wanted to give @Ghostar some appreciation too, when a Quality Assurance does their job well, then their work is invisible, but I can understand quality testing is a tedious work.
So I've wanted her to be the one controlling the Zenith, I think it's a perfect fit with her wings too. :)

Ghostar Queen of the swords.png

I may do some more Terraria Arts in the future again, the Empress of Light is also in mind, but that's for another time :)

Now, time for the other arts:

It was @MiltVala 's birthday last month! So I drew one of his recent OC's, an orchid mantis girl named Ryoka:
mantis grill.png

Min Min got announced to Smash!
First I didn't mind much who got in, but Min Min certainely got me interested. Totally not because of the green clothes and short blond hair and asian style

The coffin dance is a weird meme, in common cases it's just an extension of the joke where someone gets hurt.
Yet I find it more fitting in the roguelikes genre, where you'll often end up dying a lot.
And since I couldn't get astronomia out of my head, I've decided to just stick with the idea, and did one of Caveblazers.
Caveblazers coffin dance.png

(It was only afterwards that I noticed this fits even better with Crypt of the Necrodancer, but I think someone else likely already did that. :p)

Done a bit of OC information too, for now I've expanded Trex' main weapon's origin:
Trex weapon story.png

And lastly a Cave Story doodle, as I was playing Cave Story Hardmode again recently:

---Game development---

TFW you want to do gamedev, but also Terraria, and end up attempting Gamedev inside Terraria:

I didn't really get further than this though, working with logic gates is a whole different language than C# :p

But the spaceships inspired me enough to pick up Space Siblings again.
Because there was one last thing that I didn't liked, and that was that you could get an Game Over even after defeating the boss.
So I've updated the game to v1.1.1.1, which adds a good ending when you run out of lives after defeating the boss:
mission complete.gif

Due to the funny version number, I'd like to keep this as the final version of the game.
There's too much old code that makes it more difficult to work with it.

As for Herten Held, I'm currently working on the intro and outro parts of the game, which probably include some art as well:
wolf intro.gif

I'm trying to keep a balance between the amount of work needed, and enough animations to leave me satisfied with my expectations.
This is probably my next focus point to work on. I'm already looking forward to it. :)

That's all for now! Leave a like, Subscribe and make sure to click that 'watch' button to get notified by upcoming montly batches! (idk how to outro)


Happy Birthday me! :D
Girls in the city.png

(my birthday was actually the 29th, but I wanted to wait with updating this thread untill I finished this artwork)

Time for the monthly art batch again.
Summer holiday is upon me, so I'm 3 weeks off from work, weeew!
No idea what I want to do, but certainely want to rest out.

Let's get into the artss


Since I've fought the Empress of Light, I found that her appearance belonged to one of the fairies in Winx Club.
And thus I've wanted to draw the Empress of Light in the style of Winx. I find it really fitting for her:

empress winx.png

Funny how I said I want to do more Terraria arts, but after the Empress of Light, I'm a bit out of ideas.
Maybe that's for the better to focus on gamedev and such.

As for the other artworks, they're inside the spoiler:

I've wanted to give Sapphire a slight redesign, showing more skirt and skin. <w<
I've also shown her wielding the Lightrand, Steef's signature blade. Whether I'll stick to that idea is yet to decide:
angel of fire.png

Though, having skirts does come with the consequences:
GN Sapphire Skirt2.png
She'll be fine.

It was also Rariaz' birthday recently, so I've decided to draw his Cyber Angel, from the vanity contest nominees:
Cyber Angel.png

Nageru's backside once again:
Ninja back.png

Lil gift for @TenaciousTinkerer new OC, which is a Golem mech controlled by a fairy.
I found it an interesting take of a fantasy mech.
fantasy golem mech.png

More details, cuz I like to share:

And Panzer Paladin came out recently, it seems this was already a thing a month ago, but I've only heard of it during it's release announcement.
The game really reminds me of a mix between Blaster Master Zero and Shovel Knight/Castlevania. And I felt instantly sold:
GN Panzer Paladin.png

The pilot also looks, oddly familiar:
Silvyne flame.gif

(I bet Tinkerer's nature mech is also inspired by the same game)

---Game development---

Last month I've worked on both in-game intro and outro animations
I thought I could get more out of this, but doing these are pretty difficult, or my approach is just inefficiënt.
I think it's probably better to leave them as is.


Ending: (WIP)
Y wont U lov me.gif


Ahh, Was it you who rang the bell of awakening?

I'll probably not show more things regarding the ending, to give the game still a reason to finish. :p

Next parts on gamedev will likely focus on backgrounds and background objects, most of the remaining stuff to do is going to be artwork related, so I expect most of the drawing effort will go into that next month.

And that's all for now, hope you all have or get a great vacation!

Samantha watching.png
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