Resolved [PS4] Rune Wizard spawn rate

Discussion in 'Console In-Game Support' started by ED209, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. ED209

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    Was the Rune Wizard spawn rate reduced in the 1.3 update? In 1.2.4 I couldn't build underground without one of them pestering me every minute or so, now I can barely find any of them (i'm farming the banner, the last one in the whole game that I need ). I've had a few spawn, but nothing like they used to.

    And yes; I am deep enough underground for him to spawn. The farm is in a marble biome well below the lava depth.

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  2. sharkman0101

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    I haven't noticed a reduce in spawn rate for this enemy, it usually spawns rarely on some occassions. But nothing too gamebreaking, since he only drops a vanity set each time which piles up quickly if he does spawn repeatedly.

    Anyways, I'd prefer if he stopped spawning so commonly. I'd rather not get barraged by 80 damage bolts then getting slammed by 200 contact damage.
  3. ED209

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    I remember having to stop building and delete all the surplus hats & robes clogging up my inventory. His is the last banner I need before I've got every banner in the game, once I get that I won't care about him spawning or not.
  4. Unit One

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    I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think there was a decreased spawn rate built into 1.3. Two thoughts for why you may be seeing them less are 1) if you're in the marble biome the game may want to spawn marble enemies more than other enemies, and 2) maybe the console spawn rate was wrong, and the 1.3 update corrected it. Not sure though.
  5. ED209

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    I am in a marble biome, and I was just considering whether to build another farm that isn't. You've just convinced me to do so.