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Random Videos & Images Thread

Mr. Spaghetti

Skeletron Prime

Dark Sunshine

Eater of Worlds
Glitchcore, Webcore, Dreamcore/Weirdcore, and Cutecore
In all seriousness, I have NO idea what these images are trying to convey.
✨ a e s t h e t i c ✨
In other words, the general vibe something gives off
For example, dreamcore uses liminal spaces and things like that that feel off, almost dreamlike (hence the name)


Staff member

Hello F4iry,

Your thread has been merged into the general random images & video threads. When creating a thread, it needs a concrete topic that can be talked about and just posting images without a description of what you want to discuss about them doesn't warrant enough content for its own thread.

For just posting images without a discussion, you may continue to use this thread to post images.


Skeletron Prime
That is one of the most cursed images I've seen that relies on an inside joke (is it one, or not really?)
But here's my contribution to the thread.
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