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Discussion in 'Released' started by dragon3025, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. Zero Moment

    Zero Moment Terrarian

    It looks like there aren't configurations for either the Compass or Depth Meter, could you add those, too?
  2. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    Sorry for the late response, I had a busy week. I thought I already add those to the configuraiton, woops. I updated just now and added them.

    The new configuration file is "Reduced Grinding v4.31".
  3. Theunovagamer

    Theunovagamer Terrarian

    Nice mod, just trying to figure out how I can configure the settings like it says in the description??? Do I need to copy the config code in the original post or is it in the files of the mod?? : Nvm just found it lol thanks anyway
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  4. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    I updated my mod to 4.32, these are the changes:
    • Sky Crates now have a 25% chance of dropping Sky Mill.
    • Made an Angler_Potion.png Angler Potion: Causes the angler to have a new quest for you right away.
    • Reduced war potion cost from 7 to 5 powders (which is 1 mushroom).
    Configuration file renamed to Reduced Grinding v4.32.json to regenerate it with the updated configurations.