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Discussion in 'Released' started by dragon3025, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. Zero Moment

    Zero Moment Terrarian

    It looks like there aren't configurations for either the Compass or Depth Meter, could you add those, too?
  2. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    Sorry for the late response, I had a busy week. I thought I already add those to the configuraiton, woops. I updated just now and added them.

    The new configuration file is "Reduced Grinding v4.31".
  3. Theunovagamer

    Theunovagamer Terrarian

    Nice mod, just trying to figure out how I can configure the settings like it says in the description??? Do I need to copy the config code in the original post or is it in the files of the mod?? : Nvm just found it lol thanks anyway
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  4. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    I updated my mod to 4.32, these are the changes:
    • Sky Crates now have a 25% chance of dropping Sky Mill.
    • Made an Angler_Potion.png Angler Potion: Causes the angler to have a new quest for you right away.
    • Reduced war potion cost from 7 to 5 powders (which is 1 mushroom).
    Configuration file renamed to Reduced Grinding v4.32.json to regenerate it with the updated configurations.
  5. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    I updated my mod to 4.33.1, these are the changes:
    • Redirected the following mod-added crate drops from Wooden/Iron/Gold to Jungle: Living Loom, Leaf Wand, Living Wood Wand
    • Bug Fix: Crate Flipper configuration added Water Walking Boots
    • Added increased Aglet, Radar, and Climbing Claw drops to Wooden Crates
    • Added increased Anklet of the Wind, Feral Claws, and Staff of Regrowth
    • Renamed and Reordered some Crate Configurations
    • Made the Loot Multiplier for Wood, Iron, and Gold crates, a configuration
    Configuration file renamed to Reduced Grinding v4.33.json to regenerate it with the updated configurations.
  6. FIZ2011

    FIZ2011 Terrarian

    The Paintball Gun is so hard to get ;-;
  7. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    Geez, you have to kill and respawn him about 10 times, that is annoying. I updated my mod to 4.34, these are the changes:
    • Added configuration chances for NPC drops (with default configuration, that chance of dropping an extra is 100% minus the chance of the vanilla drop, (so it will drop almost every time)). The Guide's drop will happen no matter what name he has.
  8. LordOfTheVoid

    LordOfTheVoid Skeletron Prime

    • Add recipies to melt down bars into ingots with a loss of 1 ore. Could be at a new crafting station, late pre-hardmode to mid hardmode.
    • A config to reduce the cooldown on the Celestial Sigil (default 30 seconds, maybe?)
    • Remove restricions on Rainbow Slime block spawns as well as up their spawn rate. I love dem Rainbow Bricks! Alternatively, add a crafting recipie (Sky Mill, 5 of all types of pre-moon lord bricks makes 50/100 rainbow bricks)
    • Up truffle worm spawn rates //increase fleeing delay
    • Up Clothier Voodoo Doll drop rate (If already done, I haven't noticed as I don't regularly go dungeon raiding. Am planning to once I beat Plantera, however.)
    • Up drops/Add a recipie for the Power Cell. (Once again, I have no idea if this has been implemented as I suck at terraria and fail at plantera constantly.)
    • New statues for all of the critters with gold forms. Have them spawn non-catchable gold variants. Recipe could be 5 gold variants + original statue
    • Add recipies for world-based crafting stations (Extractinator, Themed Furniture Crafters, etc.)
    • Add a Lunatic Cultist summon that doesnt summon the Lunar Pillars. Useful for masks, trophies and modded drops.
    • Etherian Mana Vault. Stores Etherian Mana, can only be opened during the Old One's Army Event. Sold by Tavernkeep for 25 Defender Medals after tier 2 has been completed.
    • Blank Trophy. Equipable. Records the next boss kill onto the trophy. Unequips upon recording. Crafted at the Ancient Manipulator from Item Frame and 3 of each fragment. Expert.
    • Anamorphic Mask. Equipable. Same as Blank Trophy, but with 200 Gel instead of an item frame. Expert.
    • Treasure Bag Awakener. Guarentees a lootbag drop for every player online that stayed within a vicinity of the boss for at least 60 seconds. Crafted at Ancient Manipulator from 200 Luminite Bars, 50 of each fragment, and a Moon Lord treasure bag. Expert. This is a WORLD UPGRADE, like the Demon Trophy from Calamity.
    • Soulless Banner. Crafted at loom from 4 monster banners. Expert. Two uses: 1. Increase in nearby mob spawns (Stacks with Water Candle, Battle Potion, etc). 2. When a non-boss entity is killed with the Soul Stealer Blade and the Blade right clicks the Banner, the monster's soul is transferred into the banner, turing it into a banner of the monster killed.
    • Soul Stealer Blade. Crafted using a Magic Mirror/Ice Mirror, 30 Gold/Platinum Bars, and one of the Dungeon's banners. When a monster is killed with this low-damage weapon, its soul becomes trapped in the mirror on the crossguard. However, only one soul can be kept at a time. When you kill a monster with a soul still inside, the original soul is destroyed to make room for the new one.

    I understand that most likely, none of the items towards the end will make it in, but I had fun coming up with semi-balanced ideas for reduced grinding. I will be on this thread periodically giving new ideas and voting on polls. Hopefully I can help improve this mod even further with my ideS.
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  9. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    These are all interesting ideas. I think my favorite is the Truffle Worm, I always found it a real pain to find them. I'm going to look into these and see what I can do.
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  10. fargalarg

    fargalarg Steampunker

    I like the gold statue idea, but if used to spawn the critters could be a little overpowering. Maybe make it a low spawn chance like with the snail statue.
  11. LordOfTheVoid

    LordOfTheVoid Skeletron Prime

    The critters would be not catchable, like the normal bunny statue.