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tModLoader [Released WIP] The Split Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by Luna_Steambath, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Luna_Steambath

    Luna_Steambath Skeletron


    The Split is a new global modification for Terraria,
    which adds a large variety of items, monsters and bosses.

    Right now modification is in alpha version, and you can help us finding bugs or suggesting ideas on this thread or on our Discord Channel!
    You can also join a mod-related Wiki. At the moment it's not complete and needs more work, but you can offer your help to improve it!

    What the mod offers?

    ~ Over 300 new items - new unique weapons, armor sets, accesories and much more! ~
    ~ Over 30 new enemies with unique animations and behavior ~
    ~ Brand new 4 bosses with unique AI ~
    ~ 4 new NPCs - each NPC has it's own interesting stuff to sell, and some of them can exchange your items for a unique equipment! ~
    ~ A new structure - The Stranded Ship that appears in a underground snow biome when you create new world ~
    ~ Support of Russian language ~
    ~ Support of Boss Checklist Mod by Jopojelly ~

    • Strange Communicator no longer summons the boss twice in multiplayer
    • Pilgrim is now correctly arrives after defeating Insurgent
    • Fixed Shadow Caster and Stalker attacks
    • Bloodstone bar is now displaying correctly
    • Fixed description of Red Patch
    • Changed the way Super-Surgeon attacks
    • Added several new name variants for Librarian and Pilgrim
    • Some new quotes for Twilight Walker
    • Ice cubes are gone! Items that could be previously obtained from Ice Cubes can be found in chests on the Stranded Ship, Snow Beacon can be crafted on the Demon/Crimson Altar
    • Piligrim, the new town NPC will arrive after defeating new boss!
    • Librarian will arrive after One-shot is defeated
    • From now on Librarian will put items on sale if you are wearing Reading Glasses
    • Magician arrives after you defeat the new boss
    • Changed element drops to prevent cluttering inventory: now they only drop from strong enemies
    • You can finally see Twilight Walker on the map!
    • New secret ritual..

    • Two new bosses and one mini-boss!
    • Added two new enemies
    • Spirit’s boss battle was completely redesigned
    • One-shot’s attacks were upgraded
    • Now Purple box can be acquired after defeating Spirit for the first time.
    • Changed attacks and appearance of most enemies
    • Enemies like Sarracenia, Colossus, Shadow Caster and etc. attack the player only in the field of view and stop when player dies
    • Shadow Caster now can’t summon more than 4 Husks.
    • Shadow Caster now dies during daytime
    • In Expert mode, Shadow Casters walks with a Funky Soul tied to a chain, which also attacks player
    • Colossus use laser sight before range attack
    • Decreased health and damage of Rebellious Spirits, now they became smaller and quicker!
    • Hobgoblin won’t knock items out of your hands anymore
    • Decaying now creates purple smoke that inflicts “Cursed” debuff upon death
    • Cave imps and Mind flayers now leave burning trace behind themselves in Expert mode
    • Added more than 70 new items, including weapons, armor, accessories and more
    • New items to exchange with Genoshi
    • Hollow and Moon armor sets are vanity now
    • Moon Rock has old Moon Prince’s armor set bonus now
    • Safe Bottle was removed
    • Red Patch and Possessed Needle became “Expert-mode only” accessories
    • Demon Blood Sword has increased charge capacity
    • Damage of certain weapons was balanced
    • Use of Wooden Scepter and Firecaster Scepter now costs the proper amount of mana
    • Quake Scepter’s radius of spreading was reduced
    • Gemmed mirrors are now unstable during the Blood Moon
    • “The Homeward” now works properly and saves player from lethal damage
    • Heart of Guardian now drops from new mini-boss.
    • Second attack of Chikage was changed
    • Most multiplayer problems were fixed
    • Fixed some grammatical errors
    • Fixed the bug when Genoshi repeated the same line over and over again
    • Fixed a bug that caused bosses and enemies to disappear in Multiplayer
    • Fixed sell prices of some items
    • Fixed some bugs related to Enchanted candles
    • Fixed Spirit's health scaling in Expert mode
    • Summoner staves now correctly apply buffs
    • Jackhammer and Pogo-stick now deal proper damage
    • The Amplifier is no longer dropped from One-shot's treasure bag
    • The Hairpin's effect properly disappears when accessory is removed
    • Collapse no longer аttracts NPCs which don't take damage

    • Magician now sells Fire Blaster
    • Changed crafting recipes of some items, reduced crafting requirements for enchanted mirrors
    • Enchanted mirrors now can be repaired with appropriate gemstone and glue on the Heavy Work Bench
    • Enchanted mirrors obtained from Golden chests have more durability now
    • Enchanted horn can be obtained by killing Witnesses now.
    • Fixed error in Gravekeeper’s set bonus tooltip.
    • Switch Caster now teleports less often.
    • Bosses drop hearts properly now.
    • Damage of some hostile projectiles was fixed.
    • Decreased duration of debuffs caused by One-shot.
    • Fixed some grammatical errors.
    • Added 12 new items, including new weapons and furniture.
    • Elements now drop only from bosses and rare enemies, and also don’t drop after player’s death in Expert mode.
    • New enemy, which can be found during night in Crimson/Corruption.
    • New soundtrack, which plays during your first encounter with Spirit.
    • Glass Wings are no longer sold by Magician, but instead of this, Genoshi can exchange them for Ice Feather.
    • Vamplified Ring, Dead Sea Scroll and other Librarian’s books now have cooldown icon (like healing potions in vanilla)
    • Effects of some weapons were changed.
    • All the enchanted mirrors were reworked: now they have fixed durability and also got brand new effects.
    • Increased drop chance of some rare items.
    • Now you can find some Tulanite bars in Dungeon chests.
    • Only one Colossus can appear simultaneously on-screen during the Blood Moon.
    • Ring of Sun now works fine with “Leveled Mod”
    • Elements of water now drop properly by Piranhas
    • Fixed haircuts displaying issue when hats from mod are equipped
    • Vamplified ring now works on melee projectiles (boomerangs & etc)
    • Enemies’ projectiles now deal proper damage
    • One-shot’s ice cube now respawns properly in multiplayer
    • Fixed hitboxes for Witness and Rebellious Wisp
    • All materials now stacks to 999
    • Sentinels now have immunity to lava
    • About 15 new items, most of them are related to summoner class
    • New enemy that spawns in Underground Hallow biome
    • Some recipes have been simplified
    • Added new effects and attacks for some weapons
    • Stranded ship’s location is now displayed on map after defeating Spirit
    • Enchanted mirrors now can be used 5 times without breaking and will only break after with 10% chance per use
    • Effects for “Immobilized” and "Purity" buffs have been changed
    • Now Ice Fairy can inflict Frostburn debuff on enemies and doesn't attack friendly NPCs
    • Now you can find Anxiousness and Purifying potions in golden chests with some chance
    • Now you can find Slime Staff in living wood chest with 50% chance
    • Changed sprites for some items and enemies
    • Changed behaviour of Rebellious Wisp
    • Increased spawn rate of Witnesses, Headless & Faceless pirates
    • Opening Magician’s chest now costs golden key like it was before, chest can be detected by the Lifeform analyzer and it’s spawn rate has been increased.
    • Now enemies attack you only if you are in their field of vision
    • One-shot now have immunity to Frostburn debuff
    • Added some new phrases for NPCs (also during a party time)
    • Partially fixed an error which occurs while creating new world.
    • Now bosses disappear correctly if player gets too far from any of them or uses a Magic Mirror/Recall potion.
    • Now bosses appear much closer to player now.
    • Fixed some grammatical errors in NPCs’ quotes.
    • Added Ice Fairy staff, Mystic Quiver and new painting.
    • Resprites for Jack Frost, gemmed hats and Mask of the Father.
    • Removed all bewitched robes. Now you can use ordinary gemmed robes to get the set bonus.
    • Added extra tooltips to items that can be exchanged with Genoshi.
    • Spirit no longer deals touch damage.
    • Trolls and Hobgoblins got a short delay before attack.
    • Hobgoblins, Cave imps, and Sentinels no longer appear in dungeon.
    • Increased spawn rate for Witnesses, Faceless and Headless pirates and Switch-Casters.
    • Tulanite bars can be crafted only on a Seefeld's forge now.
    • Slightly reduced damage for Eye of Belial and Swarm of Wrath.
    • Significantly reduced amount of element drops and their amount in crafting recipes.
    • Fixed most of multiplayer related bugs, including the disappearance of some monsters without dropping loot and more.
    • You can use Platinum armor or Ancient Gold Helmet to craft Moon Prince's set
    • Twilight Walker won't die before you find him.
    • Increased chance to find Twilight Walker.
    • Enemy spawn rate is reduced during mod bossfights.
    • Lots of small bugfixes.
    • Stranded Ship was redesigned, so its generation process is much faster and there are more chests with more loot.
    • 30 new items, including new weapons and accesories.
    • More items to exchange with Genoshi.
    • You can use Flamethrower or Elf Melter to melt ice cubes on Stranded Ship.
    • Trolls petrify on dawn.
    • Updated descriptions of some items.
    • Crafting recipes for Frostbite Wood and Frostbite Sail.
    • Twilight Walker can appear on surface of corruption/crimson during the night, which makes it easier to find him.
    • Fixed blinking of some projectiles​
    • Fixed some grammatical errors​
    • Fixed wrong stack sizes of certain items​
    • Opening the Magician chest is correctly spending the Golden key​
    • Reduced the number of elements that needed to create weapons and mirrors​
    • Fixed autopause bug with Unconsious Librarian​

    Changes and new content
    • Added Moon Prince's armor set​
    • Added Piece of Glass​
    • Added Mask of the Father​
    • Two new monsters - Faceless and headless pirates​
    • Changed sprite for Hairpin's effect​
    • Changed sprite for Colossus and updated his death animation​


    You can download mod from tModLoader Mod Browser or here.

    The current version does support multiplayer, but there are still some bugs to be fixed.


    You can copy this code into your signature if you'd like to support our work!

    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
  2. Guru-Jr

    Guru-Jr Terrarian

    Woop Woop its finaly out to test!
  3. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Lunatic Lobbyist The Destroyer

    Congrats on the long-awaited release! I can thoroughly recommend others try this mod out in its current state. But firstly, some problems I encountered early-on:

    1. When creating a world with this mod active, my game consistently crashes at the end of world generation. The worlds will still be created, and all appears to be well while playing that world after I re-load the game. I've not tried this yet with only running Split Mod by itself, but with other mods running as well. Although these consistent crashes were not happening to me at all prior to installing Split. But it's still a good thing (once a world is made) that this mod seems fully-playable with other large mods like Spirit and Thorium, and even Terraria Overhaul -- all which I currently have enabled. :)

    2. Many (mostly minor) grammar errors in English. I'll list some of those inside Split's various item descriptions:

    - Quake Scepter: "Causing rocks from the ground" should be something like "Summons rocks from the ground".

    - The Crescent: "Projectiles that hit enemies creates the bundles of energy" should be "Hits enemies with projectiles, creating bundles of energy", or "Launch projectiles at enemies, creating bundles of energy".

    - The Stone of Inspiration: "Can be used to transform items in their dark counterparts". "In" should be "into". Also you can shorten this to "Transform items into their dark counterparts" just to be more to-the-point.

    -'King's Bounty': "Attack the enemies to create golden hearts that restore your health." This only needs to be "attack enemies". I've noticed the word "the" gets used in many descriptions where it need-not be, like in The Crescent's description. Another nearly identical example is for the Demon Blood Sword. Another is for the Skull Waraxe's description where it says "Summon the undead warriors that will fight for you." This only needs to be "Summon undead warriors that will fight for you". There were a few others arguably, but these were the most significant ones I found.

    Everything else is looking great so far -- only played for about an hour but I can see the sprite-work is quite good, and the few minor enemies I've found all have unique AI with attacks that are some of the most unique I've come across in Terraria, modded or vanilla. Excellent job on this so far -- it's still early in development so I truly look forward to where things go from here. :)
    ShadowTiger and Luna_Steambath like this.
  4. Luna_Steambath

    Luna_Steambath Skeletron

    Thank you so much for the review! Yes, I'm have some problems with English language, so I'm glad you pointed out these errors. :)
    Vlad Terrarian likes this.
  5. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Lunatic Lobbyist The Destroyer

    I almost forgot one issue. Is the Fire Blaster weapon from this mod supposed to drop from blue slimes? At the very start of a game after making a new character, I fought 1 blue slime and noticed this item in my inventory -- not sure if the slime dropped it, but fighting the slime was all this character had done at that point and it was in my inventory. Either way, this seems way too OP at the very start since it does 25 damage -- even though it can't be used at first without the needed ammo.

    Happy to help! I see great things in this mod, so I'd love seeing this becoming as deep and polished as any other top mod out there. :)
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2018
  6. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    Wow! Great job.
  7. World Feeder

    World Feeder Official Terrarian

    Stranded Ship is awesome, looking forward to new updates.
  8. temery2383

    temery2383 Skeletron Prime

    Gonna check it out later today!
  9. Svyatoslav27

    Svyatoslav27 Skeletron Prime

    В корабле заспавнилась вода, и Сундук из биома пауков.Можете добавить авторов к картинам?И с боссы в списке босов поломаны.И добавьте значки для дверей в корабле при наводке на них.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
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  10. temery2383

    temery2383 Skeletron Prime

    I have a bug to add to the list: housing seems to be occupied already, even when no NPCs are living there. I had my guide living in a living tree room, with two houses that I built and no other NPCs found. I tried to move the guide from the tree to my base, and it said that the house was occupied.

    Other than that, the mod is great so far!
  11. Conspark

    Conspark Terrarian

    Super early impression: the sprite work is outstanding.

    Question: Are the spirit costs for the items placeholders pending balancing? Or are the items meant to have such a steep requirement due to their power or something else?
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  12. ora003

    ora003 Terrarian

    Mod looking very good so far, everything feels pretty unique, and the quality of the sprites are amazing
    Only problem so far is I can't seem to find this stranded ship, looked through multiple snow biomes, cant find it. And trying to create a large map crashes my game

    Also would love to know if there is a wiki for this mod or if one is being made
    Luna_Steambath likes this.
  13. Luna_Steambath

    Luna_Steambath Skeletron

    Yes, ship is generated in a snow biome, but with some chance while you creating a new world it may crash game. This bug is already fixed, will soon release a patch! :)

    I'm sorry, I think I do not fully understand the question.. It's about consumables, which require the elements for crafting? (I'm a lousy translator :indifferent:)

    In any case, thanks for the feedback!
  14. ora003

    ora003 Terrarian

    Is the ship underground or on the surface of the snow biome? Can't find this ship after making multiple maps (Medium and small sized worlds)

    And thanks for the quick reply, looking forward to the next update
  15. Conspark

    Conspark Terrarian

    What I mean is that the Quake Sceptre for example requires 2500(!) Elements of Earth. That's a pretty huge amount of farming, especially for a pre-hardmode (I think?) weapon. Are numbers like that final?
  16. Luna_Steambath

    Luna_Steambath Skeletron

    0.2.1 update is out!

    • Fixed blinking of some projectiles
    • Fixed some grammatical errors
    • Fixed wrong stack sizes of certain items
    • Opening the Magician chest is correctly spending the Golden key
    • Reduced the number of elements that needed to create weapons and mirrors
    • Fixed autopause bug with Unconsious Librarian

    Changes and new content
    • Added Moon Prince's armor set
    • Added Piece of Glass
    • Added Mask of the Father
    • Two new monsters - Faceless and headless pirates
    • Changed sprite for Hairpin's effect
    • Changed sprite for Colossus and updated his death animation

    You can download update from tModLoader Mod Browser or by downloading file from Google Disk.
  17. ChippyGaming

    ChippyGaming Retinazer

    This looks really cool :)
  18. temery2383

    temery2383 Skeletron Prime

    It really is! Takes a little time to really start going places, but there's lots of cool stuff in it! A playthrough series would be awesome once it's fully released!
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  19. Burst

    Burst Golem

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh! :D
    It's out for playing! :D

    I'll use this one and give it my support!
  20. JimboTex

    JimboTex Skeletron Prime

    OMG, it's Chippy! Does this mean we might see a mod showcase of this mod from you soon? :merchantgrin:

    (Also, why are there no Clothier emotes?)
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