tModLoader [Released WIP] The Split Mod!

Patch is out!

- Nerfed Dream of the Butterfly
- Tweaked attack and changed crafting recipe for Snow Halation
- Explosive Barrels cannot destroy tiles with high pickaxe power requirement anymore (especially ores from other mods)
- Troglodyte now digs faster and throws further, reduced pickaxe power to 90%
- Troglodyte's and Macro's alternate attack now inflict Immobilized debuff on enemies
- Slightly reduced critical damage bonus of Champion's Crown
- Arctic Oscillation's snowflakes now can only pierce enemies twice, slightly reduced their damage
- Prismatic Bullets now split to less amount of projectiles
- Enchanted flames produced by Gemmed hat & robe set bonus are now affected by dyes

- Fixed multiplayer bugs related to Commando (hopefully)
- Fixed some items and weapons making weird sounds in multiplayer
- Fixed ridiculous stats display for weapons with alternative attacks (big thanks for hint, @qwerty3.14!)
- Old sentries now will be correctly replaced by new ones, modded sentries also can replace vanilla sentries now (yet again, thanks qwerty3.14!)
- Dragon Shield cannot be obtained from hardmode Treasure Bags anymore
- Thallium doesn't affects Betsy anymore
- Tweaked hints for Census mod support
- Reduced Ultimate Seth's damage to avoid the thorn buff cheese and negative scaling in Expert Mode multiplayer
- Arctic Oscillation doesn't spam snowflakes when player is frozen
Patch is out!

- Increased damage and reduced mana usage of True Color
- Trigger now has 50% chance to not consume any ammo
- Fireflies and Ice Fairies don't target enemies out of sight anymore
- Increased overall speed and velocity for Volcanic Hammers
- Slightly reduced shoot speed for Ice Fairies
- Reduced armor penetration for Fireflies
- Stellar Bars don't disappear when crafted during the daytime anymore
- Insurgent's Nocturnal Flare now inflicts Cursed instead of Confused debuff
- Increased Insurgent's health from 36000 up to 42000
- Insurgent now always does three full dashes (instead of random amount)
- Boss Checklist now correctly updates records and statistics on killed bosses
- Boss trophies and potions now only drop from said bosses and can't be found in Treasure bags
- Bosses and their Treasure bags now drop correct amount of coins
- Added more obvious telegraph for Basaltite Eruptions
- Updated the tooltip for Tectonic Armor to show the exact damage and crit. chance bonus
- Stars from Stargazer Set bonus are now affected by dyes
- Frostbite Hat now gives the same visual effect as for One-Shot's second phase

- Fixed misleading hint for One-Shot in Boss Checklist
- Fixed misleading tooltip for Snow Halation
- Fixed friendly Menace using completely wrong quotes
- Fixed infinite usage of Starstorm
- Friendly Mirage, Vulcan and other encounters now don't affect enemies' spawn rate
- Pentagram from the Pact now draws behind all the mounts
Patch is out!

- Fixed Seth's health being ridiculously low
- Celestial Globe now actually gives the effect of Moon Shell
- Stars from the Stargazer's Set bonus now properly render if no dyes equipped
- Antarctic Oscillation now properly penetrates multiple enemies
- Fixed Spirit's missing animation frames during her second phase
- Regular enemies won't spawn during the Old One's Army event anymore
Patch is out!

- For completing Hardmode album entries, Shutterbug now rewards you with Exquisite Envelopes, containing better accessories and materials - Increased speed bonus from Speedy and Lightweight armor prefixes, decreased damage bonus from Frail prefix
- Decreased damage and reduced amount of stars produced by Stella Fortuna
- Bloody Stream's bolts don't target friendly or invincible enemies anymore

- Fixed absurd frame drop when talking to various non-town NPCs
- Thallium Slab doesn't affect enemies that immune to knockback
- Burn my Dread now deals melee damage with its flames
- Hyperboloid now deals melee damage with its lightning bolts
The Trigger weapon has a typo. Instead of:
"Increases your movement speed while held"
"50% chance not to consume ammo"
It instead says:
"Increases your movement speed while held/n50% chance not to consume ammo"
It seems you did not use the escape function for a new line correctly.
Dear Split Devs,

Hello, may I suggest something of utmost importance which is that the Celestial Globe have the werewolf and merfolk looks turned off if the accessory visibility is set to "Hidden". I just find that it makes no sense that the celestial shell can hide it but the Celestial Globe cannot.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
A werewolf hating customer
Patch is out!

- Fixed crash related to the oversized tile texture for Posters
- Exploding vases in the Underworld Domain now glow up if you have a Dangersense buff
Patch is out!

- All types of Frozen Gravestone now have a crafting recipe
- Added some epic animation for Burning Coal material, thanks to Lunatix
- Different Spices now also drop from certain enemies
- Red Patch doesn't give +1 defense bonus anymore
- Slightly decreased Orb of Inspiration's durability
- Increased drop chance for the Pursuer (from 1/90 to 1/40)
- Fixed some dumb typos
Patch is out!

- Increased spawn rate for Rebellious Wisps
- Ice Prison won't spawn on surface anymore
- Seth no longer damages you with invincible hitbox during the Chase Void Knives attack sequence, and knives now appear a bit further from the player
- Glass Blossoms cannot grow on sloped blocks anymore
- Updated Russian translation for some items, such as cauldrons
- Eyesore and Ball of Flesh now deal tag damage
- Fixed more typos
- Wizard Scarab in Paraffin's Boss Checklist entry replaced with Blazing Riff
- Updated entries for all the vanilla bosses with new loot (such as the elements and unlisted weapons)
I wait for so long time (even with luiafk mod ultimate war buff) , but the iceberg did not appear on Stranded Ship,by the way the Stranded Ship spawned under the dessert.
屏幕截图 2021-11-09 192913.png
屏幕截图 2021-11-09 141238.png
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I wait for so long time (even with luiafk mod ultimate war buff) , but the iceberg did not appear on Stranded Ship,by the way the Stranded Ship spawned under the dessert.
The iceberg is an entity, so it may not appear the first time, you can walk around and wait a bit for it to appear
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