tModLoader [Released WIP] The Split Mod!

hi hi, soo new to the forum and all. made an account just to ask where do you find the portable wormhole? also is anyone updating the wiki cause its super behind on what's actually in the mod. also golden gel I'm a bit lost sorry.
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Patch is out!

- The Stranded Ship biome now has a background, similar to one in a regular Underground Tundra
- Added a forgotten crimson counterpart for a Firecaster Scepter's crafting recipe
- Moonwalker now deals less damage with his stars, and his stars now deal less damage to your ears
- Glass Butterflies now spawn less often
- Fixed Scarlet Horns' animation
- The Frostbite Wood armor set now gives you immunity to Chilled debuff and reduces damage from cold sources
- A lot of enemies and projectiles from the mod added to the "cold damage sources" group, which makes Warmth potion and Frostbite Wood Armor more viable against Menace, One-Shot and enemies from the Stranded Ship
- Fixed (hopefully) a bug where you could summon multiple Paraffins if you challenge her with auto-pause enabled
- Overflow now deals less damage (55 -> 50)
- Crescent (and its shards) now deals less damage (25 -> 20)
- Ragnarok now has a bit slower fire-rate
Patch is out!

- Changed some sprites, including Stone of Inspiration's new animation and Shutterbug's appearance
- The Exploding Barrels can now be defused with Slime/Water gun, and re-ignited with Fire salts
- Shutterbug now gives you three Magic clips instead of one when you first met her
- Striker's Helmet now converts your bonus defense from heavy weapons into armor penetration points, instead of additional melee damage
- If the Ice Prison wasn't spooky enough for you, now it has a chance to suddenly appear next to you if you have difficulty finding it
- Fixed a bug preventing Seth's Chasing Void Knives from damaging you
- Fixed a bug preventing portals from spawning during Old One's Army event
- All of the (modded) summoning staves autoswing now
Patch is out!

- Fixed (hopefully) a bug preventing Ice Prison from spawning in multiplayer
- Fixed Explosive Barrels exploding regardless of state in multiplayer
- You won't be able to defuse Explosive Barrels with Slime gun anymore
- Stella was nerfed, now it has only a 33% chance to spawn a star upon hitting an enemy
- Stella Fortuna was nerfed, now it spawns stars twice as slowly
Patch is out!

- Fixed glitched animation of Lord's Cog
- Solaris can crit now, and Albedo Rod cannot
- Fixed an intentional spelling error in Overflow's tooltip
- Astrologist is actually wearing a party hat now
- Removed some irrelevant Astrologist's quotes explaining why she doesn't want to celebrate
- Full Color now requires Demonite/Crimtane Bars for its crafting recipe instead of Silver/Tungsten Bars
- Added Russian translation for the Frostflake Fan's tooltip
Patch is out!

- Fixed a huge amount of grammatical errors in dialogues and tooltips
- The Moondial's now bigger, faster, and deals a bit more damage. Its beam now also has a bigger hitbox
- A new message will appear after defeating Paraffin, to give you a hint that the Underworld Domain has become safer to explore
- Increased spawn rate of the drones, their bombs now deal less damage
Patch is out!

- Fixed a few more typos
- Fixed one bugged Shutterbug's quote
- Fixed the weird gray shade on the Burning Coal's animation
- Slightly buffed Kindled Wings (increased acceleration and maximum height)
- Astrologist no longer takes part in parties
- Reduced prices for some items from the Twilight Walker's shop
- Increased chances for some rare items to appear in Magician's shop
Pretty awesome mod experience on my part so far, but just have one question the wiki doesn't seem to have an answer to. How do i get the scarlet staff? I've tried searching online, but there seems to be no information about it.
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