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Return to Neibreth: A Sequel to a Text Adventure of mine... [Story based]

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Demon God Ivuul, Sep 8, 2017.



    "Thanks, I'm just going to head over to the doctor and get my wounds patched up and get some help about that lightning strike." *Walks to the doctor with a very slight limp.*
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  2. Mr. Fury

    Mr. Fury Pixel Pirate

    Grant responds to Walter,

    What type of presence is it? Something worse than this? Perhaps a monster we'll want to avoid?
  3. Xmax360

    Xmax360 Spazmatism

    "I DON'T NEED IT, I DON'T NEED IT, I DON'T NEED IT, AHHHHH!" Secret yells kicking the sand walking towards the town.
  4. Madder

    Madder Terrarian

    *Invictus smirks and pats Secret on the back as they walk towards the town*
  5. Sky High

    Sky High Slime Collector

    (I KNEW that this was the mansion of the painting man!)
    "Made of paper... How convenient."

    I activate the Portal.
  6. Demon God Ivuul

    Demon God Ivuul Plantera

    Don't worry, it's normal iggy, i just used his paper mario appearance because i love the nice little animations :p


    Joke Character: The Demopan (TF2)(IHATETHISSIGNUP)
    A demo knight with a frying pan. What more can I say?
    HP: 200/200 (drunk)
    DP: 100
    Base ATK: 65
    Frying Pan: 65 damage, deafens the attacked enemy.
    Ali Baba's Wee Booties: 20 defense, gives the wearer haste when bellow half HP.
    Splendid Screen: 30 damage resistance, with 30 extra while dealing with fire or explosives.
    Never ending case of beer: makes everyone in battle drunk, and brokers a peace treaty until a drunken bar fight inevitably happens.
    Ability: Basic Attack
    Ability: Charge: Deals 85 damage and stuns the targeted enemy, cooldown of 2 turns.
    Passive debility: Drunk: Always Drunk.
    Passive debility: Demoknight: Can't use ranged weapons.
    One Time Ability: The Golden Pan: Spends a turn trading for the golden pan, goes broke, and then wacks it on the targeted enemy dealing 500 damage and making all of the enemies deaf and take 150 damage, and if killed, turned into a golden statue. Permanently gives the golden pan.
  8. Sky High

    Sky High Slime Collector

    That's disappointing. Whatever.
  9. Mr. Fury

    Mr. Fury Pixel Pirate

    There is one major flaw with this character app, you can't sell stout shakos for 2 refined.
  10. Mr. Fury

    Mr. Fury Pixel Pirate

    You're joking right? Selling Stout Shakos for 2 refined is kinda the demopan's thing...


    Oh yeah, forgot about that meme... whoops... and now it's flooding back to me... like the demopan trying to sell a stout shakos to the smart heavy... OH PLEASE FORGIVE ME.
  12. Demon God Ivuul

    Demon God Ivuul Plantera

    Current Time of Day: Day 5/7 [STORMING!]

    ~~~~Grant Redman (@Mr. Fury)~~~~ [MENTALLY SCARRED]
    Current Location: Shadowplay Glade: La Tourvelle Mansion
    HP: 25/170 DP: 151 LVL: 11

    Walter: the presence isn't human yes, But they have the same feeling that you and i give off, another soul fighting for their life in this mansion.

    They're under us fighting some kind of evil force, There has to be a cellar entrance or something nearby. But we DID get what we came for, i'll leave the choice of what we do up to you, should we go help this unknown person? Or should we just keep moving and set out for the next star?

    (I decided to leave this here as a special choice, you can either go with the next star or help Endzor out in his boss fight, if you want. you COULD get a teammate, but knowing grant he is probably fine with just walter :p )

    ~~~ TEAM LOCKHORN~~~
    Current Location: Endless Sand Sea: Stalago Empire
    Team DP: 258
    ~~~~Secret (@Xmax360)~~~~
    HP: 184/254 [IMPSCAR] LVL: 2
    ~~~~Invictus (@Madder)~~~~
    HP: 348/355 LVL 2

    Secret and Invictus head to the town, They meet a black furred anthropomorphic Jackal wearing arid garb.
    Clifflord: Welcome travellers to the Stalago Empire, the moving city! the jewel of the sand sea! My, it's been forever since it rained in the sand sea... What business do you fine folks have here? My god three travellers in 1 day, us clifflords rarely see visitors ever since the war began....

    ~~~~Jack (@IHATETHISSIGNUP)~~~~
    Current Location: Endless Sand Sea: Stalago Empire Doktor
    HP: 530/530 DP: 1,099 LVL: 10

    Jack heads over to the "Doktor" and meets a german clifflord in a medic outfit.
    Doktor: Ello mein freund, What seems to be ze problem today?
    Wait, Say no more freund, You've been struck by ze Kracko ja?

    The Medic manages to strike jack with a large needle somehow through his power armour
    Jacks health has been healed.
    Doktor: i assume your here to see the Konig ja? Er. the King? Or perhaps you're here to shop at our local mall? We don't get too many visitors here what with Stalgosaur moving every night and all...

    ~~~~Endzor Green (@Sky High)~~~~
    Current Location: Shadowplay Glade: The Cellar Arena.
    HP: 223/265 DP: 400 LVL: 8

    Endzor Green: 193/265
    Iggy Koopa: 300/300

    Iggy jumps off of his chariot and pulls out a wand, the chomp pulled chariot dashes off
    Iggy: Bring it freak!

    Endzor green opens his portal! of course next turn you get to say who comes out and such.
    Iggy charges up magic in his wand then fires it at Endzor! It did 30 damage!
    Iggy: Playing with portals? Well aren't YOU the smart one, Yah ha ha!

    ~~~~Zell (@Creeper37500)~~~~
    Current Location: Kazul Coastline: Near the Adamanturtle Plains
    HP: 489/545 [CAT SCRATCH] DP: 70 LVL: 6

    Zell: 489/490
    Drizzelda: 0/70
    Crabid: 0/35 [TRAPPED!]

    Zell tosses a bear trap at the Crabid, it walks into it and gets trapped in it!
    the trap did 35 damage!
    the Crabid is defeated!
    the Drizzelda Attacks! it misses!
    the Cloud to ground lightning causes a bolt to strike the Drizzelda! The Drizzelda is defeated! she dropped a present.
    YOU WON!
    Gained 50 EXP and 5 DP
    You leveled up to level 6, HP boosted!
    You opened the drizzelda present, inside was a Drizzelda Yo-kai Medal, you take it.

    ???: Hoo Hoo! You're the impressive one aren't you?
    A man in a cloak floats down, with wings seemingly on his face being the reason he floats
    The Gittish Magician

    Hootingham-Gore: i've been watching the way you solved your problems for awhile now, Escaping from that terrible Envy, fighting off this monsters. You might just be a useful ally...
  13. Madder

    Madder Terrarian

    Wait, was the third traveler that brute with the clearly compensating ridiculous armour?
  14. Creeper da Snek

    Creeper da Snek Skeletron Prime

    Zell backs away from the man.
    "What do you want? If you've been watching me sideburns I've gotten here, I can't expect it to be good..."
  15. Sky High

    Sky High Slime Collector

    Endzor Magenta, Endzor Black, and Endzor White fly out of the portal.

    Endzor Magenta teleports behind Iggy.

    "Behind you..."

    He punches Iggy and teleports again.

    "Missed me!"

    He punches again.

    "Not there!"*punch*"Or there!"*Punch*"Nope!"

    Endzor Black runs in a circle, creating a vortex. Endzor Magenta teleports and punches Iggy into it.

    Endzor White: "You'll be perfect for my collection!"

    Endzor White summons a horde of skeleton warriors.

    I shoot a Siphon Laser at Iggy.


    "I'm headed for the mall. You know, this is a new record for the fewest amount of times in a day I've nearly been killed, and a new record for the highest amount of times in a day I questioned if I'm insane. Anyway, off to the mall with me." *Heads to the mall.*
  17. Xmax360

    Xmax360 Spazmatism

    "hehehe good one Demon." Secret says giggling.
  18. Mr. Fury

    Mr. Fury Pixel Pirate

    Grant consumes the headcrab chop and then the delishstick,

    Well, I suppose, we'll help this thing out, this mansion is a hole... Although, this thing is by itself once we've helped it. As it is likely the adventuring sort, and I have a feeling that those types would attract danger.
  19. Demon God Ivuul

    Demon God Ivuul Plantera

    Walter quickly replies "Wait..suddenly the other guy has... friends...? three of them... i think he'll be fine then..."
  20. Mr. Fury

    Mr. Fury Pixel Pirate

    Hmmmm, well, if he can suddenly have his own help, I suppose he needs not of our presence, he likely has things under control. Lets just get this star back to Newer Haven. Perhaps the creatures of this dark place will be less likely to attack us after my keeping my word with the gravestone.