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Revamping Shroomite Helmets

Discussion in 'Items' started by 652Graystripe, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Retinazer

    We all know about the three Shroomite helmets, and I've noticed a lot of distaste about their ammo categorization. But what to do about it? I've decided to make them focus on different ends, like the Spectre armor.

    Shroomite Helmet (Sniper)
    *+5% ranged critical strike chance
    *+10% ranged damage
    Set bonus: same as before

    Shroomite Mask (Crowd Control)
    *+5% ranged critical strike chance
    *+10% ranged damage
    Set bonus: +3% ranged damage for every enemy on-screen

    Shroomite Headgear (Speed)
    *+5% ranged critical strike chance
    *+10% ranged damage
    Set bonus: Ranged damage increases with movement speed, up to 45% more

    Please remember, I'm not so great at stats. If that's the reason you don't like the suggestion - please, don't be that narrow-minded. It's a matter of very simple things to just tell me what stat is wrong, and why, so I can fix it. What I'm really looking for is suggestions on the abilities.

    Thanks to @Scarecrow and @SzGamer227 for alerting me to this problem.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2015
  2. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Spazmatism

    Well, I liked my way better, but the important thing is that this problem gets fixed at all, so any solution that doesn't suck would be great, and as far as I can tell, this solution doesn't suck. :p Anyways, what bugs me is that the Helmets themselves are less powerful... they should still provide universal bonuses equivalent to +15% damage and +5% crits (unless the +15% ammo bonuses are still in place and I am unaware).
  3. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Retinazer

    What I was doing here is weighting their respective bonuses against each other to change the universal bonuses. For example, as the Sniper set is less likely to be viable against stronger targets, I gave it more buffs than the others. I also think that +15% ranged damage, applying to all, is a little bit powerful.
  4. Seeker

    Seeker Eater of Worlds

    When we make a suggestion that is on the same topic as another, don't we always prefer our own?

    Anyways, OT, this would help but I'm just going to say it'd be more fitting if the first helmet was for crowd control rather than snipers. The design just looks sniper-ish.
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  5. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Retinazer

    I chose that one because the helmet's visor seems like some radar-finder or whatever.
  6. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Spazmatism

    The problem right now is that they all behave as three parts to one Helmet (but still one Helmet nonetheless) that provides +15% damage and +5% crit chance, but requires inconvenient swapping and inventory space for no reason at all. Eliminating the inconvenience as a trade-off for less power isn't actually balancing anything, unless you somehow think that inconvenient swapping is a legitimate form of "balance."

    I just think mine went deeper is all. :l
  7. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Retinazer

    I'm not into believing that swapping them out like that is balance, but I think that some of these set bonuses are more powerful than others, maybe. I'll try your way.
  8. VaeVictis

    VaeVictis Skeletron

    if you play as ranged in the end you stick with tsunami, I personally use piranha gun to kill trash mob without wasting ammo, so I only use the headgear.
    a really useful thing would be to being able to attach especific ammo to a certain weapon, example: tsunami with holy arrows and pulse bow with venom arrow...and so on.

    PS: also I've noticed there's no + critical DMG bonus for ranged items...it would also be cool to add it.
  9. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Retinazer

    I never use the Tsunami. Just don't like it.
  10. VaeVictis

    VaeVictis Skeletron

    but that's just taste...
  11. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Spazmatism

    I didn't mean that they had to provide exactly +15% damage and +5% crits, just equivalent to.
  12. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Retinazer

    What would you say about 10%? That was my original thinking.
  13. crackshotCerberus

    crackshotCerberus Terrarian

    I am going to enjoy the mask one, it would work well during invasions.
  14. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Retinazer

    I was actually thinking about it during my last Solar Eclipse.
  15. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Spazmatism


    I just mean you can mix it up a bit. They should all have bonuses that are just as powerful as +15% damage and +5% crit, but they don't have to be +15% damage and +5% crit. What I mean is that you can diversify the helmets by their base bonuses and not just their set bonuses. For example, you could change the Mask to provide +10% Damage and Crits, or ditch the +5% Crit bonus on the Headgear for a +10% Movement speed bonus.

    Sorry for all the confusion. :confused:
  16. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Retinazer

    Hmm... I'll think on it.
  17. Nutella Fairy

    Nutella Fairy Skeletron Prime

    Good job. This is way better than my suggestion. but I think the mask is to powerful.
  18. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Retinazer

    The maximum number of enemies that can be spawned at one time, at maximum, is 15 (HM Dungeon, Jungle, Meteorite Blood Moon). That's 30% extra, compared to the ~50% offered by both the Helmet and Headgear. I think I'll change that.
  19. LeFr33

    LeFr33 Official Terrarian

    I like the current Shroomite equipment, I don't think this should happen.
    No support from my part, sorry.
  20. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Retinazer

    I sort of agree. But not enough to stop me from making this!