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Rounding Out the Journey: Terraria 1.4.1 is Here!

I don't mind it, because I see what they were going for. The only issue is that they are trying to accomplish an impossible task.
  • Be a slightly better/ optional option to Bee Gear, but not better in every way... more like an alternative.
  • Hold it's own in Hardmode, so that it's not necessary to swap to Spider Gear, which takes away the fun Whip bonus.
They might be able to pull it off, but it's gonna be a doozy! 😬🥤

I agree, but they do create disparity & go-to's, which was a problem they fixed in 1.3.5 with Meteor Armor, just to introduce it again in 1.4.1. Oh well...

Well, we still have yet to see what an optimized Summoner Build looks like, based around Whips. I was never against the Whips being improved, but Vampire Frogs were buffed, Flinx Staff competes with Hornets & Whips are effected by Melee accessories. It's gonna be a fun year...

Yeah, it's certainly not egregious, but they obviously wanted to get rid of the disparity created by early-game go-to's, but they're back again; this was obviously unintentional.

...because it recreates the Duke Fishron disparity we already had with Plantera. The Twin Staff & Blade Staff are now, quite possibly on the chopping block. 😬💁‍♂️
AFAIK, whips only grab the autoswing bonus from Feral Claws +, not the other bonuses. They may also get speed, I’d have to test, but they do not get damage.

Interestly, this makes Berserker Glove almost *more* suited for Summoners than Melee, so I kind of see your point, but compared to a full melee or summoner accessory build they are still quite different.

As for obsidian armor again, yeah I love the concept. A whip centric armor that can be equivalent to Bee. The only issue is they completely overtuned it. Obsidian Armor and Spinal Tap can tear through the Wall of Flesh like cheese. I hope the devs find a way to nerf it without destroying it.

We did discuss the vampire frog becoming much more powerful in the balance and feedback thread, and looking at it, it’s just very naturally strong versus the Wall because of its AI. It is slightly overstatted for its tier - pulling about as well as Imps or Hornets versus bosses, but I expect Leinfors to tune it down at some point. We also found that hornets are actually more efficient than a lot of people think, being slightly stronger than Imps in a non-hybridized build.

As for sanguine staff... you make a good point. Although, I will protest that Sanguine Staff is what minions should feel like, and it’s more an issue of Optic and Pygmy being underwhelming. I also think Blade still holds good competition with Sanguine due to its gimmick. With optic and pygmy being buffed, they may actually stand well against Sanguine, but I’m not that far into my new playthrough yet to tell.
@whoneedsnamestbh , yep, see how complicated this all becomes? Everything is pretty much up-in-the-air now. Great additions, no doubt, but sometimes you've gotta stick to your guns. If you leave things up to the fans, they'll run you ragged. I'm gonna do my best to help solve these issues, hopefully they won't blatantly ignore me this time; sometimes the one, annoying guy yelling in a crowd of 100 people is right. 😏 💁‍♂️🥤
Yeah, you’re right. It is a huge improvement over 1.4, though, and summoner progression is much more thorough and balanced than it was before - except for a few things *cough obsidian cough* being overbuffed. With the 1.4.1.x hotfixes, I’m sure the devs will be able to finally balance it correctly
Same here
but whoneedsname, doesn’t that mean that pc gets a unfair advantage over mobile and new gen cons,e?
Eventually when console and mobile update to 1.4.1, they will probably come with hotfixes like 1.4 did, so eventually the three platforms will be more or less identical.
That counteracts you’re previous post

Terraria is closed for content patches, but is not yet done with balance and bugfixing, so there is still room for obsidian set to be changed. Additionally, mobile and console will eventually have all the content and changes PC has including any hotfix changes, so there won’t be any disparities between versions


The Destroyer
That...... isnt what I was referring to
Will there be smaller updates, like the desert update and the old one's army update?
Nope, the game is closed up for content now. All that’s left is bugfixes and potential balance corrections in hotfixes
Eventually when console and mobile update to 1.4.1, they will probably come with hotfixes like 1.4 did, so eventually the three platforms will be more or less identical.
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