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Do you think the Hallow should be saved!

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Skeletron Prime

Yes. You could say this is a ripoff of Save the Jungle, but this goes against the Jungle. Let's begin my argument.

There is particularly nothing we can do about this, the Hallow spawning in a random place once the WoF has been defeated, but I can still complain.

How many times has the Hallow been mostly cut off in the result of it spawning in a Jungle, Corruption, or Crimson?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
The Hallow has been destroyed by other biomes (mostly Jungles), and we have done NOTHING about it.

Sure, we could just buy some blue solution from the `:indifferent:Steampunker`:indifferent: if it is in the Hallow.
Is it very easy for you to make a `:indifferent:Steampunker`:indifferent: in the Hallow if the surface is almost COMPLETELY REPLACED BY ANOTHER BIOME?
We can just build the house underground. If it is taken by another NPC, we build another.
Good idea. If the plan is to get it killed by Illuminant Bats and Chaos Elementals the second you walk in.

We could also just buy some hallowed seeds from the :dryadindifferent:Dryad:dryadindifferent:.
One hallowed seed is 20 silver coins. That would make 1 gold coin worth 5 hallowed seeds.
Also, you would have to place it one by one and wait days and days for it to grow.

So, how can we solve this problem?

One solution is to fight the WoF in another world and hope you get a Hallow that isn't cut off. If it is cut off, repeat.
The only thing wrong with this is that I wouldn't really like having to dig all the way back down to the Underworld.

One other solution is to mine some pearlstone/pearlsand and place it wherever you want the Hallow to grow.
This is a good solution, considering there will be bits of pearlstone/pearlsand when the Hallow spawns.

Why I make this argument in the first place?

If you have read my posts, you would know that I am CRAZY about the Hallow being up-to-date.
We just can't leave it there like it doesn't matter.

I know. Coding and programming is hard for Redigit.
But we can still do our part.
We can give them Hallow related ideas for them to pick from.

I know the Jungle can have problems from the Hallow.
What people have to understand is that it can also be vice versa.


I will at solutions that are suggested. If you have any, make sure EVERYBODY knows.​

Derpling Ω

Tbh this isn't needed. If the hallow spawns in the jungle then it ends up protecting it which is very useful. If it spawns in the world evil it just replaces it.

Mental Mouse

Doesn't need saving... Even if Hallow overlays the Jungle (which as noted by others is mostly a good thing), there will certainly be a few blocks converted. Stick those where you want a Hallow , you can even pick them up later (after they've seeded the biome) if you want. If you're really scared about entering the Hallow to meet the Steampunker, then infect a floating island (if it hasn't been done already) for her.


I don't really understand the problem here. The Hallow sometimes spawns in areas where it can't spread further on either side, due to lancing through the jungle or an existing evil biome?

In that case, saving the Hallow involves letting it spread everywhere and eat the whole world, and that's not something people generally... want. It's either avoided or used as a lazy-man's way of keeping the world from being eaten by Corruption or Crimson, which is even worse for gameplay. Even when my Hallow spawns free as a daisy, I'm digging my own tunnels around it.

Or I could not do that, if that was what I wanted. Hallow is a spreading biome and it's very easy for the player to transplant it. You don't need the Clentaminator. You don't even need hallowed seeds. Just take a block of pearlstone, pearlsand, or pink ice, and transplant it on the other side of the obstructing biome. Problem solved. Want it to spread faster? Bring more blocks and seed them in different areas of your to-be-affected area.

The Hallow is completely impervious to other biomes. It can even convert Crimson grass, which is helpless against it. The only time it spawning in a confined area is even slightly a problem is when the Hallow stripe goes through the jungle and you don't really get a surface Hallow, but again, it requires only a minimum of effort to make one if the player so desires. And this is more of a problem to the Jungle biome than it is the Hallow. Though I do note it would make spawning Chaos Elementals difficult unless the player took action of their own (which, again: easy to do and consumes very little time.)

The reason the Save the Jungle thread exists is because the Jungle can be entirely destroyed (and rebuilding it takes vastly more effort than just planting blocks or swiping the Clentaminator), it can be doomed by both the evil stripe and worldgen, it's an extremely difficult biome to survive in at the time it becomes threatened and makes immediate action difficult, its terrain makes evil-proofing it much harder than any other biome (grass below '0 = vines for crimson, it has its own thorns that can be corrupted directly), proofing it is tedious and more-or-less nobody actually enjoys having to do it, and above all, its existence is necessary for game progression. While very unlikely to encounter in normal gameplay, it's possible that you could entirely lose your jungle by the time you needed to fight Plantera or harvest life fruit. (More likely problem is that so much of your jungle is corrupt that finding bulbs is difficult and Plantera immediately enrages thanks to the evil biome overriding the jungle one if corrupt blocks are nearby.) And that thread offers solutions to the Terraria team on what could be done to fix these problems. It's not a 'how to save the jungle' guide for players, it's... a suggestion to the game. It proposes new ideas. I'm not saying those can't exist here, but you probably should have come up with some before making this thread. Right now, the point is very confused.


Brain of Cthulhu
We could also just buy some hallowed seeds from the :dryadindifferent:Dryad:dryadindifferent:.
One hallowed seed is 20 silver coins. That would make 1 gold coin worth 5 hallowed seeds.
Also, you would have to place it one by one and wait days and days for it to grow.
It is not that expensive. You can also combine one seed with common ingredients for 10 Holy Waters to spread it faster.

While I agree the Hallow is more constrained than the Corruption/Crimson, there isn't anything here that would be considered a solution. How should the Hallow change that would resolve these constraints? Why would this be beneficial? I usually prefer to keep my Desert, Jungle, Ice and Oceans free of any spreading biomes.
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