Scariest enemy!?


You go into the Post Plantera Dungeon for the first time and a ragged caster spawns, launching near undodgeable homing projectiles that make it impossible to see what is going on then teleporting almost immediately somewhere else to continue clubbing you to death while you stumble around blind trying to figure out where you are. I hate those guys.


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I'm not afraid of enemies, but here are some enemies with which I had some suprising moments:

1. Dungeon Guardian - I think I don't have to describe this one...

2. Ragged Casters - appearing out of nowhere, Lost Souls invading the player. Annoying monsters.

3. Rune Wizards - only sometimes, but if you're in a cavern with tight corridors, you're pretty much doomed. Also, if you fall onto one - K.O.

4. Turtles - annoying at times in MP. You kill some monsters, typing something on the chat, and... SPLASH! Suddenly you got crushed by a shell falling out of nowhere. Instakilling shells. This ain't Super Mario!


The twins, especially Spasmatizm
They are scary not only in damage, but also in their own looks, especially spasmatiz on mech. form.

What truely scares me the most is when either early in the game, or early in hardmode, and you get those messages.


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The twins, especially Spasmatizm
They are scary not only in damage, but also in their own looks, especially spasmatiz on mech. form.

What truely scares me the most is when either early in the game, or early in hardmode, and you get those messages.
Your profile picture is scarier. No offense. Turn on the lights or something.


I love scary game monsters, and Terraria has some of my favorites.

Face monsters. My first trip into the crimson was at night, and between the music and the strange noises coming out of the dark I was incredibly freaked out. Then the shrieking face monsters started coming at my underpowered little self. They had terrifying mouths on them, and they killed me before I could escape. It was awesome!

All the spiders. Due to a traumatic bite experience when I was little, I have a problem with spiders. The spiders in Terraria hit all the arachnophobe nightmares. They swarm, they jump at you, they live in dark places... Killing spiders in Terraria is pure catharsis. My heart races, my hands shake, and there is a satisfying sense of vengeance.

Finally, I find the Eye of Cthulu wonderfully disturbing. It's a flying eyeball trailing ganglia and halfway through the fight the front of the eye splits open into a gigantic tooth-filled maw. That's better than anything I've seen in horror films in ... ever! It's creepy and creative, and there is a reason that the transformed eye is such an iconic image.


Dungeon Guardian gives me the creeps still just looking at it, even if I have seen it numerous times already, as well as the spider crawling enemies which just look creepy enough to give me the chills if I think about it too much when fighting one

Barney Bagon

there is one. The guide is evil, as the guide voodoo doll is used to summon the wof. How would he have this power? Maybe HE is the wall of flesh.


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I have a story for you. Back in the mess of updates around 1.2.2 to 1.2.4, TShock got really weird with how it handled mobs. When I was working on a TShock server, the mobs were glitching and morphing and generally spawning where they didn't belong. This led to odd things like spontaneous Dungeon Guardians rising from below the surface. That was a complete nightmare. We eventually decided to turn off mob spawns for awhile...



The Dune Splicer. Looks tiny on the wiki, but he's HUGE in the game. I almost jumped the first time I headed into the Hardmode Underground Desert.

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The dungeon guardian.
The first time I was playing terraria and I went into the dungeon, my heart was
beating so damn fast. I threw my mouse across the room.


Preeeetty much everything in the Crimson freaks me out. I just don't like the Crimson in general--the theme, the enemies, the music, the boss...ugh. Blood Crawler and then Floaty Gross have the top spots for me though. That sloshing sound...

Though runners up would be teleporting eenemies or ones that can go through walls, oooooor things I can't see coming. To be fair, my eyesight's terrible. So that's potentially everything. Even bats...


I know I've replied here before (Don't remember when), but I've changed quite a bit.

I've narrowed mine down to the top 3.
-Angry Trapper
-Ice Tortoise

The Angry Trapper is insanely powerful, and I never see it coming. The Derpling usually kills me if I'm wandering through the jungle, so that's scary by itself. Finally,the Ice Tortoise flies onto screen like a rocket and does like 1/5 of my damage, never see it coming. All three are extremely difficult.

EDIT: The Angry Tumbler and the Sand Elemental are also up there.

And the Crawltopede. They just creep me out.
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