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PC [Showcase] Conveyor Belt Ladder

As I was trying to get a probe to spawn, I was annoyed that all the money from harpies and wyverns kept falling before I could get it. Wanting to test out one of my ideas, I made this.
I know this has been done before, I just wanted to try my hand at it.
The three second timer at the top actuates the slanted conveyor belts, allowing the items to travel up another level. The belts on the sides change directions to send the items up. The stone blocks are there to keep items from falling. They could be replaced with conveyor belts, because sometimes items get stuck on them.

Hooray! First wiring thread!


That is a really useful build. I have one of these in the temple.

loot stops moving where conveyor belts are having a reverse-tug-of-war. conveyor belts change direction in places that need it, including the very bottom. only problem with the build right now is temple creatures not spawning. I need to expose some temple brick at the creature spawn points and make sure creatures die on the conveyor belts. I can try reshaping the conveyor belts as a sawtooth and actuate them if required, but if that doesn't work I will have to just build a wall to stop UFOs from sniping creatures above the exposed bricks.
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