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    My name is TheFireroll, a friend of mine and I had a lot of intresting ideas and we'd like to share them with you.

    This thread is about space in terraria, as we all know there is a limit when it comes to flying up... and it sucks! That's why we're here! To suggest an awesome idea that will change the game for the best! With new adventures and more exploring! New items new enemies NEW NEWS! Uhmm yeah... let's get started shall we?

    We have some pixel art that will explain most of the part and then we'll go on full detail by explaining what the pictures are showing.

    As you can see here : [​IMG] Or not. [ It's better to just download the picture to see the details but whatever. ]
    We have some simple ideas for the moon but more stuff can be added.

    [Moon] Is a giant sphere that has gravity and a new ore called *Moonite* that's better than *shroomite* . Moon has a core in the middle that regeranates any damages done to it.
    there are a couple of new enemies such as the U.F.O and the Comet. In order to get to the moon you need to have defeated the Wall of Flesh. After that you need to build a spaceship so you fly up to the moon. To survive on the moon you'll need [1] A Moon Suit ( armor ) and [2] Oxygen Tank whitch is an accessory
    [1] Moon Suit : Allows you to not freeze on moon.
    -Moon Suit Helmet ( 10 Hallowed bar 25 wires 10 glass ) 7 armor
    -Moon Suit Chest ( 25 Hallowed bar 25 wires ) 10 armor
    -Moon Suit Legs ( 10 Hallowed 25 wires ) 7 armor

    [2] Oxygen Tank : Allows player to breath when there's no air.
    *Sold from*
    -Mechanic ( 5 gold )
    -Traveling Merchant ( 15 gold )
    Now to the picture
    [1]. Spaceship. Allows up to 2 players to get on the spaceship and fly up into the space. { Spaceship allows you to go over the height limit }
    - 75 Iron bars
    - 25 Hallowed bars
    - 30 Wires
    - Engine ( 15 iron bars + 5 wires )
    - Rockets x 2 ( 5 wires + 5 iron for each )

    [2]. Moonite : One of the strongest ores( needs to be mined by shroomite and up.)
    *used to craft*
    -Moonite weapons and tools
    -Moonite Armor ( Allows player to go to the sun ) ( Sun thread coming soon )
    -Moonite Spaceship ( ^ )
    - And more . . .

    [3]. MoonCore : The core in the middle of the moon that regens any damage that the moon has taken.
    *Cant be mines*

    [4]. Moon stone : just a decoration block.

    [5]. Comet : Just an annoying mob ( similar to *Meteor Head* )
    -Moon dust ( used to craft moon blocks/stone )

    [6]. U.F.O : Flying mob that shoots lazer and ignites player on fire dealing damage over time.
    - Metal Scrap ( used to craft Moonite Spaceship ) [ 75 % ]
    - U.F.O Lazer gun [ 5 % ]
    - U.F.O Controler ( Summons the Alien Invasion ) [ 5 % ]

    Alien Invasion : [​IMG] ( You might need to download this one. )

    Alien invasion is a similar thing to pirate or goblin invasion but with a bit more sause.


    [1]. U.F.O : the same U.F.O as the moon but! they cant drop the U.F.O controler

    [2] LightBringer : Shoots a lightning that damages and slows all targets hit
    -Metal scrap ( 100% )
    -The LightBringer ( Range weapon that releases electrecity damaging all targets hit ) ( 1% )
    - Rocket ( 50 % )

    [3]. : U-Flame-Oh! : Casts powerful magic that becomes fire damaging and igniting all targets hit ( can go throught walls )
    -Metal scrap ( 100% )
    -The Real Flamethrower ( Shoots fire using gell as ammo ) ( 1% )
    -Rocket ( 65% )

    [4]. : The Invador : Master of the invasion. Defeating the big ship will end the invasion. The Invador will suck up all units with its blue ray beam, a player can rezist by using a hook or wings but npcs / animals cant and will go up.
    -If a NPC gets sucked in the ship then they will be put in a jar shaped glass filled with water. To free them the player has to break the glass.
    -If a player gets sucked in the ship then . . . we move to picture (B)


    [1]. Alien : Just a mob that shoots lazer with its pistol. Doesnt have much health but it has a lot of attack speed and damage.
    -Alien Lazer gun ( Super fast, uses mana ) ( ? % )
    -Alien mask ( 10% )
    -Lots of space money!

    [2]. Guardian : Protects the core. Strong hard to kill [ BOSS ]
    - Core Access key ( 100% )
    - Light Saber ( 100% )
    - Alien cape ( 50% )
    - Alien Rocket Boots ( 15% )
    -Lots and LOTS of space money

    [3]. Space Chest
    -UFO ( Used as a machine to fly ( no cost ) ) ( RARE )
    -Space money
    -U.F.O Controler
    -Moonite stuff ( RARE )
    -Alien Potions
    -And more . . .

    [4]. The Core : Protected by the core wall. When destroyed the aliens will be defeated.

    [5]. Core wall key hole : protects the core. Needs Core access key to be opened

    [6]. Test Subject Water Tanks : Holds NPCs . To free them break the Water tanks.
    And thats all we have for now. We'll make sure to add more info:)

    Next is sun. . . Coming soon!:)
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    Uhh... I think the devs replaced this kind of concept with the Lunar event... But this is really good. Well thought out.
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    Oh I didnt know there was a Lunar event coming up on the next patch. But still I really think they should take some ideas from this post. We want to explore not kill countless monsters. . .
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    Nice amount of effort, and various neat and different concepts, but the whole idea in general is unoriginal and well... not to my liking.
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    I came here and posted my suggestion without seeing what other people have suggested, without seeing what updates were coming, without being a part of terraria's community for a long time. Im new to this game and I'm proud to have sumbited such an awesome ( in my opoinion ) idea to improve the game. This is 100% original and it came from 2 people in the classroom during a lesson. So dont tell me this isnt original. Terraria needs to have more things to explore and more adventure to go through. I dont think an other Event will make the difference. . . This is what terraria needs. . . a new addition to the game, something NEW. New mechanics New Places to explore. And if you think that this kind of stuff isnt intresting. . . Just letting you know. . . You Haven't seen anything yet. . . We have ideas from Dessert bosses such as Ra and Anubis to end game bosses like "Terraria's Satan" And "Terraria's God". We have a lot to offer. ~TheFireroll
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    Well, given there's a mod for Minecraft that does a lot of what you're talking about; your idea isn't really original at all- in terms of gaming overall; there are ideas on these forums that aren't original but they are still good ideas; I think you're taking his criticism a bit more to heart then you should. You need to keep an open mind about things and realize that he's not saying it's a bad idea.

    Terraria doesn't necessarily NEED any more content; people wish for more, and want more. I find that there's a big difference there; and we don't even know how big the Lunar UPDATE is; regardless of if there's an event or what not. We have no idea if we can go to the moon yet or other planets or what have you, we have no clue other than what has been spoiled about various items and the like. If people truly didn't think what you're suggesting is interesting then it probably won't be added regardless.

    I like the idea of being able to travel to the moon; I just think you should do some research before proposing an "original" idea to a forum full of very creative people. I've seen other people talk about desert bosses; hell there's mods already made with desert bosses- maybe not Ra and Anubis but I don't think that's original given that's just taking some of the most common gods of Egyptian lore and throwing them into the game. I mean no ill will. I just think you should flesh out an idea/be patient to see what is being made first when it comes to "Moon" ideas. Feel free to continue posting things; I just don't feel like they will get noticed as much as they would if we knew more about 1.3/if it was already out and lacking in the regards you're mentioning.
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    Looking back to my post and comments I see that some parts of my suggestions are not original and I know that. Most of them arent. But this is what I think : People want simple and good content. Something that you know already that's not in the game but it's fun to play around. Maybe this isn't much compared to other people's posts but we have more to give. We will make it into the 1.3 patch. ~TheFireroll :)
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    My only problem with this idea is that terraria is kind of in a medieval fantasy state apart from mech bosses and an update like this may cause the game to change from a fantasy rpg to a sci-fi game
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    Luuks cewl