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Stackable Artisan Loafs


I've wanted this since first discovering the item. I like to be able to equip newly-created characters dedicated to specific tasks, and having to dedicate whole chests just to storing extras of this permabuff is frustrating. Not to mention I can only restock this item by finding the skeleton merchant on a character that hasn't consumed the loaf, making it even more frustrating to stock up on.

I can understand the reasoning being so that players don't buy multiple from the shop, thinking that it would be a multi-use item like life crystals, but I don't think that's really necessary since it should be obvious, and if not, then it's a one-time life lesson.

Really consuming the loaf shouldn't even remove it from the shop inventory, for the same multiplayer reasons you mentioned. Most other items that do something similar can be circumvented by putting an associated item away in a chest, and the demon heart is easy enough to just bulk open from treasure bags with freshly created characters.
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