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TV Stupid TV shows


your gonna hate this but, STEVEN UNIVERSE IS STUPID
@Magic Sponge - *cough* *cough*
Anyway personally I think that Clarence is stupid but I like that they supported the LGBT community in that one episode, Ninjago Go is kind of stupid and stereotypical ninja show, Adventure time doesn't make sense anymore it use to be cute now it's drugs and acid and depressing daddy issues. MLP is made for little girls only ok people. Spongebob should have stayed in the 2000's. Uncle Grandpa is too out there for me to stay on track with it. Regular Show is too predictable every episode is Mordecai and Rigby screwing up making all life almost die but they save the day.

Now i'm not saying these shows aren't good - they all have amazing art styles (except Clarence tbh) and have a good cast etc. and I still like them, but if it's on it's on but i'm never really interested in it.


here's a bad TV show :

fox news (hahahahaha get it cause they lie)

anyways On topic.

I really don't like the new generation of spongebob, It sounds like they got stuff from the original writer and then just mixed it up to be bad.


Teen Titans Go is absolutely horrible. This is coming from an 11 year old who's supposed to be in the generation that loves crude humor. Crude humor is pretty bad, but usually it's bearable. Sanjay and Craig, along with Breadwinners are really pushing it, but survival is possible. Teen Titans Go is unbearably bad. Everyone is INCREDIBLY out of character. Robin is a piece of crap and unlikable, Beast Boy is still very silly, but now he's an idiot, Cyborg is now an idiot, and Raven is no longer nearly emotionless. They make a lot of jokes about it, but she's much less emotionless. In a lot of episodes, it seems like they try to put in a lesson. Almost all the lessons are horrible, ruined at the end, or absolute common sense. Such as the episode that is teaching that if you eat meat, you become weak and fat, but if you eat only vegetables, you become incredibly strong and energized always. Or that hoarding is ok if you're attached to the stuff. Or that forgiveness is for the weak. Or that you're a bummer and nobody will like you if you're smart. It's so bad.
P.S. What is with all the MLP hate? You can dislike the show, but jeez. Pretty much everybody on here dislikes the show.


There are two types of shows that I find to be stupid.

Type 1: Shows where everything is meant to be stupid. People act stupid, make stupid decisions, and overall portray the human race as a big pile of idiocy. Examples are: Jersey Shore, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Arrested Development.

Type 2: Shows that don't necessarily lack a plot, rather they lack almost any form of structure at all. The goal of the show is to introduce one random event after another in the hopes of getting a laugh out of the audience. The current generation of cartoons is rather full of this. Examples are: Metalocalypse, Uncle Grandpa, and Adventure Time. Some of you may not agree, but I think Steven Universe falls into this as well.

The problem with type two is mainly the fact that most every cartoon show tries to do that now, which ends up causing none of them to have any form of originality. They are all basically the same show with different character names.


Skeletron Prime
There's a good reason why the term Flanderization exists.

I don't like being that guy that seems to think everything used to be better, but The Simpsons now is a piece of :red: compared to its glory days. They still manage to put out a decent episode now and then, though.

Hie the Badger

The Destroyer
You wouldn't have to reply to anything if you just explained why you hated it instead of using aggressive hatred elements. No one should have to interrogate it out of you. Make conversation.
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You wouldn't have to reply to anything if you just explained why you hated it instead of using aggressive hatred elements. No one should have to interrogate it out of you. Make conversation.
This is the case for anyone with blind hate. They don't actually have a reason for hating something, so they can't really comment on it and make conversation. They simply choose to hate it, so they hate it. And as we all know, hater's gonna hate.


Skeletron Prime
I can't stand Teen Titans Go. Not even because it's nothing like the original, I just can't get into the humour at all. I get that it's for kids, I just don't understand why that's an excuse to dip in quality.

Sharanga Duck

Sanjay & Craig. I cannot even find that show funny at all. It is legitimately the worst show I have ever seen. I can't even know why kids find crappy fart humour as funny as they do. Ugh, this is basically cancer to me.

Breadwinners, for the same reason as above. It is stupid, like most animated shows on Nickelodeon in my opinion.

Clarence. Oh, Clarence. I don't really have a reason, I just find that show annoying. However, it's nowhere near as bad as the two shows above.

Alright, this is it. We have reached the deep dark hole of Rock Bottom.
Or should I say Bikini Bottom?
That's right, Spongebob. I've never liked it. It, to me, has always been the show that I found as stupid as using "gay" as an insult. Everybody who I tell that I don't like it automatically goes into rage mode and gets pissed because it's apparently the best show ever made. The innuendos are stupid and the plot line is stupid. Spongebob's laugh straight up makes me want to bleach my ears and, in my opinion, the only good things to ever come out of that show were Plankton's evil version of the "F. U. N." song

And now, we have come up out of the frying pan and into the fire. Here we have Disney Channel sitcoms.

Good Luck Charlie is stupid. I've never liked the concepts, the jokes are tired, and that :red:ing canned laughter is below awful.

Girl Meets World is a show I can not bring myself to like. Riley is purposefully an idiot, that blonde girl is a new stereotype ("my parents ignore me so I'm more talented than everybody else"), and the fact that "Oggy" or whatever has a girlfriend at that age and is pulling away from his family is a terrible and overused plot point.

Finally, Liv and Maddie. Ugh. I get that it would be hard to film two shots of the exact same scene if Liv & Maddie are in it, but that doesn't mean you have to dumb down the actual quality of the show to make it work.

your gonna hate this but, STEVEN UNIVERSE IS STUPID
in an alternate universe where I don't respect opinions


Skeletron Prime
I always disliked Teletubies and the new Spongebog. Like, damn, the spongy guy had some better adventures in the old days.
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