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  1. 5raptorboy

    5raptorboy Terrarian

    They're bringing back some of the old writers for season 10 of Spongebob
  2. jpeg

    jpeg Plantera

    i'll list a few.

    1. I know a lot of people would say this but. Teen titans go. that is an overpraised piece of crap. most of the fans of the show are alright. but the show itself is just odd. I've watched one episode. It tries to act funny. it's not. Also I'm just trying to watch some show and THE NEXT 4-8 SHOWS ON ARE TEEN TITANS GO. SERIOUSLY WHY?

    2. Breadwinners I'll be honest The show is ok. its just the voices constantly make my ears bleed. Mainly Buhdeuce.

    3. American dad I usually like most of seth's stuff. But this. is just utterly bad to me.

    4. I'm also. not a big fan of the super mario brothers super show. I loved that. i've been watching it on netflix. only thing i don't like is how boring the intros usually are. sure it has some of my favorite celebrities from when i was a kid. but i never really liked most of the real lifed like things. as a kid i just never found them funny. Same now. i'll be honest. some of the intros were good but Meh.