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What should the character limit be?

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final question hopefully..

names idea for a character like this

Hero screenshot (3).png
Oh, I uhh...
Forgot to mention something important about Alain (specifically, another strengh)...
He basically takes much less damage from any darkness-based attacks.
ok edited to include application instead........(also no, it doesnt relate to me IRL)

Name: ??? (might be revealed later on in the rp)
Nickname(optional): Razorblade/Razor
Age(can’t be over 18): 16
Gender: Male
Class: Rogue (i guess)

Hero screenshot (3).png

Flaws: Not really social and as a result, probably wont have any close friends
Bonds (optional): not known
Strengths: Smart and agile, helping out in any stealth missions that may occur
Personality: Shy and quiet but smart, likes reading a bit.
Relationships (optional): not known
Other: text colour is this for now...
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Name: Reese
Nickname(optional): N/A
Age(can’t be over 18): 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Class: Warrior/Rogue
Appearance: Reese has dark brown hair and red eyes, and wears a red and maroon striped shirt with black pants. His shoes are black sneakers.
Flaws: He’s cocky.
Strengths: He’s pretty fast and strong. Good aim.
Personality: Reese can be blunt at times and has a dark sense of humor, though he’s a decent friend. He likes the color red. He’s determined and can be quite adamant.
Relationships (optional):
Klaire (Friend)

Name: Klaire
Nickname(optional): N/A
Age(can’t be over 18): 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Class: Warrior/Mage
Appearance: Klaire has blue eyes and brown hair, with a cyan shirt and beige pants. Her shoes are brown combat boots.
Flaws: Too trusting.
Strengths: Klaire makes friends easily, and has good combat techniques.
Personality: Klaire is a nice person, though she gets upset somewhat easily. She’s temperamental and is easily influenced by others.
Relationships (optional):
Reese (Friend)
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